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Thread: Messed uP and now Confused on what LIW I should use?

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    Messed uP and now Confused on what LIW I should use?


    Won't go into all the details but I need to know what weight I will use for LIW. Initially I was going to do 30 days and then felt so good that I decided to go to 42 days but at 35 days I started feeling totally squirely and exhausted and knew I would not make it to 42 so I stopped HCG at 164.6 weight. Then the second day that I was doing NO Hcg, I broke down and at junk. I am now 167.8. Tomorrow will be last day No Hcg and so I will wait to see what my weight is then but confused as to what I should now use as LIW since I messed up
    Thanks for help!

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    Sorry you had such a struggle at the end. But you made the right decision to stop considering how you were feeling.

    Your LIW is the weight the morning of the day of your last dose.

    Assuming you can stay on protocol today before P3 starts, you may drop back a bit by tomorrow. Unfortunately, if a lot of your binge was fats, you may be stuck with some of it. Probably the most peaceful thing to do is take whatever your weight is tomorrow morning as LIW, so that you don't stress yourself out further. Your body will settle out where it wants to be, and you might be pleasantly surprised at where that is. Try to be positive going into P3. Good luck!
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    Thank you Leez...for your compassion and for your answer!

    I think that is a great idea to take tomorrow's weight as my LIW and go from there. I have been fine today staying on protocol. At lot happened yesterday and I just lost it unfortunately. I feel better already. Thanks


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