Grammy...I read that you gave these instructions for mixing:

If you have a larger sterile vial, add 19 ml of water to the liquid hcg. If it's only a 10 ml vial, then do 9 ml.

Here is how you would draw it up.
.5cc = 125iu HCG
.6cc = 150iu HCG
.7cc = 175iu HCG
.8cc = 200iu HCG

With using 9 ml of fluid, you would cut that amount in half. So
.25 = 125 iu
.3 = 150 iu
.35 = 175 iu
.4 = 200 iu.

Problem is....I bought my stuff from Doyle. My needles only go to .5cc so these mixing instructions don't make sense for me. Can you further explain?

Also, which HCG do most of the vets think are best? HCOG, Ovidac, or Corion?