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Thread: P3 Protocol or Leptin Reset?

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    P3 Protocol or Leptin Reset?


    Hubby and I are finally transitioning into P3 in the next few days last injection was yesterday morning. I have been trying to read the information on the Leptin Rest option for P3 and am wondering if you have a lot to lose and will be seeing more HCG rounds in your future (read that to say 3-4 rounds) should you wait to do the Leptin Reset and just do the basic P3 protocol? Does it matter? I guess I am asking because if we did the reset for 6 weeks to give our bodies time to rest would we become Leptin Sensitive during that time or because we have so much to lose will we not reach sensitivity during that time frame?

    Coconut Oil question for you too, my husband and I don't drink coffee/tea at all so will cooking in coconut oil be enough fat I see some people try and get a certain amount in per day? Help!!!

    So many questions and options it can be daunting at times and since I am the master planner of the two of us I am trying to get a game plan in place prior to the first day of P3. Excited but frightened at the same time for the transition....
    R1 Stats:
    Start weight 244 6-21-12
    LIW 213

    Round 2 begins 9-22-12
    Start weight 207.8
    LIW 181.6

    Round 3 begins 1-19-13
    Start weight 179.6
    LIW 168.6

    Round 4 begins 4-20-13
    Start weight 175.6 (sigh)

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    It doesn't really matter then. You can do whichever you prefer. Cooking with coconut oil is fine. You don't need a specific amount every day.
    My advice is based specifically on the original Simeons Protocol. Grammy's personal protocol:Grammy's Hcg Diet Protocol
    Grammy's author website: ColleenCoble.com

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