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Thread: Please help! Dosing problems....

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    Exclamation Please help! Dosing problems....

    Okay I am on vlcd 12. I started with 200iu sq. Right off I knew that was too high because i stayed hungry. I lowered my dose to 175iu sq. The last two days I have been starving nonstop. Is it possible that I need to lower my dose again? Please help...the urge to overeat is soooooo strong!
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    I'm on the homeopathic drops so I can't speak with authority on injections - but that dose sounds WAY too high. Doesn't Dr S recommend 125 for pretty much everyone? I'm sure someone with more experience will pop up soon. You shouldn't be starving.

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    Skip a dose. You can skip after 4 injections so you're fine to do that. Without skipping it takes several days to get the blood levels evened out. Then go to 150.

    Empathic, just so you know, 125 is usually an IM dose. Most of those on subcutaneous shots take 150-175 though those of us on multiple rounds generally go under 150.
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