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Thread: Question about Loading...need your expert advice :)

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    Question about Loading...need your expert advice :)

    I just finished reading pounds and info!!

    In the book he says that if you have been restricting that you may need to load for more than two days before beginning the injections. I have been doing Atkins for 7 months, so I have been restricting carbs and sugar, but not fat. Do you think that it would be better for me to load for an extra day or two prior to the first two injections or will my fat store be properly loaded with just the two typical loading days?

    I am extremly nervous about loading period. I have worked so hard and have had one cheat meal in 7 months so 2 days of "force feeding" is making me bonkers but I want to do this RIGHT!

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    Nope, you will be fine with only 2 days - restricting means restricting calories... like under 1000cal for months on end.

    Do yourself a favor and try not to load with carbs, though. It will make the first week easier when you don't wake the carb monster.

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    I have thought about what I will load with...pasta came to mind...I just can't even imagine eating it. Makes me sick to think about it!!

    I will have a donut though!!

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    I would not load with pasta. Too many are allergic to it and gain 8 pounds or something equally insane.
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    Honestly follow Atkins with all the fat you love. It is fine to have a doughnut, although being on Atkins that might make you feel sick. I would load with things you are going to miss, but definetly try to stay away from a lot of sugar. Good luck! I know how you feel. I gained 4 lbs post loading, but it came off within the 1st 2 days. I am on VLCD 9 and lost 9.8 pre-load weight or 13.8 lbs post load weight. Happy loading.

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    I agree with Sammy1205. I made the mistake the first time around of loading up on more sweets than fatty foods and I had migraines for at least a week. Nothing helped take them away. It was horrible.

    This time I loaded up on those fatty foods, I would miss to avoid tempatation during VLCD. I had a burrito, pizza, steak, sweet potato fries, ice cream, etc. for two days and by the second day I was ready for VLCD and it's been 9 days and I've lost 10.7 lbs. so far.

    If you give it some thought, you will load properly on those fatty foods you need to build up your fat reserves.

    Good luck.

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    I "coach" LC newbies all the time and after they have been on plan a month or so and wanna cheat, I tell them to go ahead! I always hear the same thing. "I drove to _____ an I even went inside but I just couldn't do it" or "I took one bite and spit it out. It just wasn't what I thought it would be". (which I knew would happen). Cheating is soooo much more glamorous in theory than in reality. Which is why I know that loading on sugar isn't something that I will be doing. I really WANT to have a slice (or an entire) carrot cake (lol) and a donut (or 12) but I know that on loading day I'll
    Much more likely have a LC tortilla (sumfin I never have) or a scoop of LC ice cream instead. Or maybe some of that sugar free cheesecake I been wanting to try!!! Tim!


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