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Thread: Question for all you pro's....

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    Question Question for all you pro's....

    Today is day 40 on drops for me. I bloat/stall really bad right before TOM and now is that time. It should be here any day. So how do I accurately note my LIW if I lose this bloat in the next couple of days?


    SW- 147.0
    Wk1- 138.6 (-8.4)
    Wk2- 134.6 (-4.0)
    Wk3- 132.2 (-2.4)
    Wk4- 129.8 (-2.2)
    Wk5- 127.2 (-2.6)
    Wk6- 124.0 LDW!!
    P2D41- 123.8
    P3D1- 123.0
    P3D2- 124.0

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    You have two different options here, depending on what suits you.

    You can, like me, wait to go into your final 72 hrs until you are completely over TOM (it happened to me too, right at the end). That'll give you a clearer picture of what your TRUE LIW should be.


    You could use your current weight, bloat and all, as your LIW, and that would give you a bit more "wiggle room" on your "2 lb limit", but always keep in the back of your head that that doesn't give you permission to go hog wild (no pun intended) with your eating, just because your LIW is likely higher than your first few days of p3 will be.

    In the end, it really doesn't matter which route you take...you pretty much end up in the same spot. If the idea of having a falsely inflated LIW bothers you, just extend your drops a few days longer (if you have that option). Good luck on your p3!!!!!

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    ditto that!
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