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Thread: R4 on hhcg a total bust. Restarting with Rx injections again, questions...

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    R4 on hhcg a total bust. Restarting with Rx injections again, questions...

    So I recently completed a 26 day round on homeopathic drops and did terribly. I'm basically considering it a total bust. I only lost 5 pounds. Half the time I would forget to take my drops. I had a feeling that going back to the homeopathic wasn't going to work for me and I was right, but was trying to save money/time. I don't know if it was just my roguish ways or the fact that my heart just wasn't in it. However, overall I have done well with hCG. I did a couple of rounds on homeopathic and one round on RX grade injections, for a total of 56 pounds lost.

    I ordered and have received my ZyhCG and am ready to start over for what I consider Round 4.2. LOL. My husband has also lost 40 pounds on the homeopathic drops. This time he is going to do Rx grade injections with me. I have two questions…

    It's only been 2 weeks since I ended the failed homeopathic round. As I said, I often forgot to take the drops. (Really love the injections for that reason! One shot in the morning and you're done). Plus I had trouble with the timing of taking the drops and eating/drinking too. Additionally, the company I get the homeopathic drops from changed their formula and I think that might have also been why I didn't lose. There are so many factors! Because of all these considerations, I do not think it is a problem for me to start another 45 day round. What are your thoughts on this?

    Lastly, as I said this will be my husband's first time doing the injections. He went from 240 to 200 pounds on 2 rounds of hhcg. I am wondering what a good dose to start him on would be? During my RX round I went from 200iu to 150iu, so I know it'll probably require tweaking. Just looking for suggestions on where to start him at. Thank you!!

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    If you think the drops were no good, I would eat really well for at least another week to nourish your body. How long since you did lost those 56 pounds? If it's been at least 6 mos or so then you should be able to start again. Just don't lose more than 34 pounds.
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