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Thread: Going to do another round after 7 years

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    I just saw this, Marita. Just make sure you eat your fruit. It will make sure your adrenals and thyroid don't tank.
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    Hi Grammie

    Hi Grammie, Where can we find out more about what

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    about what

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    (it wont save even edits)

    best for our thyroid and adrenals in our hcg journey and beyond?

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    Are you talking about how to eat to support your adrenals? If so, you need SOME carbs but make sure they are healthy ones like fruit and whole grains. Lots of us with thyroid problems can't eat gluten though so pay attention to how you feel. It's kind of trial and error on how much you need. There's a doctor I follow I like a lot. Dr. Westin Childs https://www.restartmed.com/ He's got lots of info on his blog. You don't have to buy his supplements though that's the page that first comes up. And Weston A. Price is a great website resource as well.

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    Ty, Grammy. I dont have existing problems but want to know the must-dos during P2 to be safe. So fruit is a must? I don

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    I dont have fruit daily. P2D16
    *Im on original protocol, just slightly higher protein (in lieu of extra lbs loss). I dont chose fruit bc I dont feel like it right now. I eat melbas etc. Ive had apple, grapefruit and strawberry, but dont much feel like it in P2.

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    Oh it sounds like you are tweaking the program? I follow Simeons so I always include fruit. I don't want to get carb sensitive for later.

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