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Thread: See Sawing in P3

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    See Sawing in P3

    Hi Grammy and all you other sages out there. It's happening again!!!! Just like my last round of hcg, I am NOT stabilizing in P3. This is my fourth round, and p2 was great as far as losing. (I only did this 4th round because I kept gaining back weight on my last round in p3) But I am now starting week 3 of P3, and my weight constantly goes up by at least .4 lb every morning. The first week of p3 I ate chicken, fish, and some beef, broccoli and asparagus, but in greater quantities than on p2, or course. Fruits were only frozen strawberries and blueberries. Absolutely NO dairy, not even my beloved HWC for fear that I would gain. My LIW was 135.2 but after my second day on p3 it was already 136.6 I know the first week is wonky so I didn't stress too much. This past week I had to 2 correction days, and decided to change my weight limit up, from 137.2 to 138, since my body was fighting me so much. This past week I only added HWC, some greek yogurt and mayo as new food, and apples as a new fruit. No matter what I eat, the next day the scale is up by .4 or .6 (my scale only goes by .2 increments). But it never goes down, unless I do correction days. I can't live like this!!! I am actually afraid of food!! Everytime I put something in my mouth I worry about what that darn scale will say tomorrow. I don't enjoy eating anymore (which might not be a bad thing, since I don't care to snack anymore...LOL) But this is no way to live. I'm sorry about ranting like this, but I truly am at my wits end. I look in my fridge, and don't know what to eat anymore since everything will eventually lead to a gain.

    Please, any advice would be helpful and most welcome. I am not new to hcg by any means, but I feel like a complete idiot. I would love to just be able to not worry about my food for a few days. All this stress can't be helping. Thanks to you all in advance. Now I'm going to go off to crawl into a little ball, and wish myself normal for a few minutes...

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    Usually there are several reasons for this moxie: low thyroid and/or adrenals, trying to maintain too low of a weight,the wrong dose or using fake hcg drops, food intolerances, a round that's too short, or not eating enough. You might try Trim Healthy Mama and not mix fats with carbs.
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