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Thread: Sour stomach issues

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    Sour stomach issues

    So I am in p2 been doing great, I'm on day 23 of p2. For the last 4 days I have been having extreme sour stomach. So bad I can't drink water due to nausea, I'm burping all the time and it makes me more queezy. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    What exactly have you been eating daily?

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    I'm not exactly sure what a "sour stomach" is, but you mentioned nausea. Could you be constipated? That can cause nausea.

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    Ginger is good for nausea. Ginger tea is probably the easiest way to get it along with some liquids you probably really need.

    Try drinking your water warm, or at least room temp, and sip, don't chug. It will help your stomach not to produce more acid.

    Try cooking your vegetables and fruits for a few days instead of eating them raw.

    Burping and constipation can be caused by slower digestion, hence the recommendations. Both are results of the way HCG can relax the digestive tract.

    If that doesn't fix things, I would consider ending the round and transitioning to P3.
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