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Thread: Thyroid Labs in P2

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    Thyroid Labs in P2

    I want to verify that P2 won't impact my thyroid labs is I have blood drawn. My last set of labs I was within the normal range within .5 to 1 point. I'm feeling just awful lately and want to get labs done again, hoping this time I'm finally qualify for medication.

    I just worry HCG will adjust hormones and make me look great on paper while in reality I'm struggling.

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    HCG does affect your labs, as thyroid production is stimulated during P2. The recommendation is to wait at least 6 weeks after stopping HCG to have labs drawn.

    You can feel awful even if your labs are in the "normal" range. You might think about seeking out a doctor that will work with you to get your numbers in an optimal range, rather than the normal one.

    stopthethyroidmadness is a good site for information on optimal thyroid numbers
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