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Thread: Weight Loss Areas After 20 lbs

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    Weight Loss Areas After 20 lbs

    Hi Grammy. I just finished my first 40 days on HCG and lost 20 pounds. I'm very excited about how I look. But...I've noticed most of the fat was lost from my face, arms, chest, legs and some from my middle. But not as much as you would think came off from my stomach and hips. Why would that happen? I will do another round in 42 days because I still need to lose 15 more pounds to meet my realistic goal. Would you happen to know why my hips and stomach still have quite a bit of fat? ie. muffin top. PS i'm 46. I now weigh 144. I was 164 when I started. Thanks for any input.

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    Wow, that is a great loss. I have found in the past that I continued to shape and reduce in the stomach area during P3. That could be your situation as well. Great job on the weight loss...

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    Thanks for the reply! Yes. I definitely will be working on my "muffin top" for the next four weeks and I hope to see success as you did. You're right...I'm just so relieved to have lost the first 20. That was hard but so worth it! Thanks for the encouragement

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    Kat29, the body is actually quite simple while still being the most complex system known to man. When we gain weight, we have genetic predispositions of "where" fat will collect. When you look at most families, the bodily structure is usually quite similar through most, I'm sure you have seen that before. So, wherever your genetic weakness lies, that is where you will hold the most "stubborn" fat and it will come off last.

    Keep going, you're doing amazing and the results will show in time.

    All the best!
    Yours in gratitude and wellness,

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    What type of hcg and what dose? It sounds to me like it wasn't working right. either you had fake hcg or your dose was off. I can tell in a couple of days if my dose is off when on a round. Not only do I have hunger, but I start looking gaunt in the face and neck. When on the right dose, the weight comes off in my hips, right where I need it. this is the ONLY diet that has ever done that.
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