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Thread: Wow, I never expected to have to make myself eat!

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    Wow, I never expected to have to make myself eat!

    Hi! I was on hhcg for a week then f-d up so decided to "load" for a week (hahaha) waiting for my injections. Well yesterday I was just needing to get back on so I started my Drops again and took 10 drops 3 times yesterday but I got my injections yesterday...a day early! I was planning on just loading w drops then going to inj when I got them. So today-2nd load day-1st injection day-I just made a cheese and egg omelet and I literally took 2 bites and had to make myself finish it! And I feel really full and this the hcg already? I started with 150iu so if it is, maybe it's a good dose for me if I am not hungry at all (I have been a human food vacuum the past few days!) I will pay attention and see what happens. YAY for injections!

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    It's more like the hhcg. It's a little early for the injections to have kicked in with just one shot so far.
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