Thanks mewhoshops. I know that inches are SUCH a big part of this experience and I was totally amazed how it delivered exactly what it promised especially in the way of inches. Hope you're enjoying P3. I have a long way to go but know that I will be looking so forward to P3!!!! It seems to be going a little slower for me this time than I remember last time but I'm ok with that. I too plan to incorporate some exercise but waiting until I start hitting those stalls as they do happen. Below are my stats to date:

8/13/15 VLCD1 - 181.3
8/14/15 VLCD2 - 180.3 (-1)
8/15/15 VLCD3 - 179.4 (-.9)
8/16/15 VLCD4 - 178.4(-1)
8/17/15 VLCD5 - 177.9 (-.5)
8/18/15 VLCD 6 - 177.9 (-.0)

Total Loses To-Date: 3.4