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    Question recent post

    I think I have seen a post somewhere on here that talks about my question but I couldn't find it. So here it is:

    I like how the old forum kept all the recent post no matter the subject on top. Is there somewhere I can see all the post no matter the subject and read through most recent post?

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    click the whats new tab. it is updated all the time.
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    Is there a way to resort the what's new tab? I would like to see post according to time since posted but it is kind of random as far as I can tell.

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    Well, I was looking at the last post and then the time it was posted would for example say 6:03pm. But for some reason I thought I noticed it say all different times not in order like the old forum. Maybe I read it wrong I will look again when I am home.
    So it would say 6:03pm, next post would say 11:30am yesterday, next post 1:00pm today. That kind of thing from top to bottom of what's new page

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    I am new to this. How do you track your post/reply to thread?
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    "new posts" are in order of postings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carrera View Post
    I am new to this. How do you track your post/reply to thread?
    Go to Settings at the top of the page, then General Settings down the left side then in the middle on the right side is Messaging/Notification and you can then set your Default Thread Subscription Mode.

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    thank you for all your post. Still getting use to this site.
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