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Thread: 1st time cycling, 4 days loading and I've lost weight

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    1st time cycling, 4 days loading and I've lost weight

    I am doing my first cycling round. I have done many normal rounds before so I am not a beginner. I actually didn't mean to cycle but I was going through some stress and not eating very much and feeling sick so, after 2 weeks I decided to take a break on P3. Everything was great. I went from 202 to 190.8 with 192 as my LDW. My weight stayed at 193 the whole 10 days on p3. I decided to do a 2 day load (works better for me when I've done planned interruptions in the past). And that turned into a 3 day load. Well, the strange thing is, is that I didn't gain anything during that load. I stayed at 193. I didn't eat any gluten (no, that's a lie I ate a bunch of cookies :-/), which I am intolerant to and normally causes MAJOR gains for me. And last night, as I was making my kids homemade mac and cheese I instinctively ate some of the shredded cheese. And then I couldn't stop. I wasn't even really hungry, it just tasted so good. It was supposed to be my VLCD 1 haha! So then I thought, well it will be a 4 day load and maybe I needed to gain some weight anyways before starting VLCD. And I ate a bunch of the deliciously gluteny Mac and cheese and then ate more cookies and a Hershey's chocolate bar. I should also mention that my loading and VLCD Days have been a little strange because I've been moving my injections to nighttime. 8pm last night.

    Okay, so I woke up this morning and ate 2 more red velvet cookies :-/ and just weighed myself and am down to 191.2! I lost 1.8 pounds!?!? I expected a huge gain, being that the HCG has already kicked in and I basically cheated. No, it's not water weight. I actually haven't had that non-stop peeing that happens the first couple days of VLCD. I was planning on loading until my injection tonight.

    Long story short, tonight at 8pm I will be taking my 5th injection. I plan to load up until that happens and will start VLCD tomorrow morning. I have tested my HCG and it showed immediately positive on the stick. I have just never lost weight during a load. What gives? Has this happened to anyone else?

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    It's actually not that unusual to lose while loading.

    I'd take it and run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leez View Post
    It's actually not that unusual to lose while loading.

    I'd take it and run.


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