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Thread: Apple day after gain?

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    Apple day after gain?

    I am cycling, following a 2 week P2/1 week P3 schedule. So far I've been doing really well, but yesterday I inadvertently ate some tomatoes that had been packaged with sugar (new brand - it honestly never occurred to me that they would have any). As a result I gained 2lbs this morning . Should I be doing an apple day today? Or is that just for stalls? Any other suggestions to get back on track? Thanks!!

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    The apple day should not be done unless you have stalled for over 4 days.
    The best thing to do in this case is to continue strong with the protocol. Drink plenty of water and closely monitor your weight.
    Hopefully the effect was not too bad and you are back to normal in the following days.

    Good luck!!

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    Apple diet is a perfectible diet for get energy and nutrition so we should be take care of the
    energy issues.An apple a day keeps doctor away so i like the apple for build the body muscles
    and get nutrition.It is the best source for get the vitamins......

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