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Thread: Would this be considered cycling?

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    Just an FYI - I stopped the drops before the weekend and didn't end up following P3 exactly. I gained about 2 lbs. but I've lost it so far. I lost 1.6 Monday and 0.4 yesterday. I'm about 0.2 up from where I was Friday. I think if I would have followed P3 strictly through the weekend I would be at my goal weight by now. No hunger and I started the drops on Monday. Just letting people out there know that it's possible to do a very very short PI/interruption and get back on track quickly.
    LDW: 152.2 from last round

    New round
    Starting weight: 156.0
    Current weight: 146.8
    LDW: 147.0

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    Well it depends on who you ask

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