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Thread: Cycling Group

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    That's awesome Bebifal, each time you walk away it will get easier. Sounds like you are on track YAY

    LOL Flirty yes I mentioned the rogue thread since you guys are cycling not because you eat rogue, not everyone on there eats rogue, it's just a nice hang out spot for chatting if you decide to stop by you are more than welcome. You 2 will do fine, you have a plan and you know how to make it work. You are starting off great since you are at LDW, nothing to relose. That's fantastic

    Happy cycling

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    HI PooBears...
    Having very little time to play online I tend to stick to my selected threads and while I wait for the world to wake up, I tend to browse around..... so soooo many new faces and names and having to be careful not to step on toes.... (i have come across some ultra touchy people) so I guess the comfort zone with those you have come to know, is safe ground huh?..... But As I said, I often wait for you guys at that end of the world to wake up and then browse around... might chirp in....
    week 1 = -1.1/2.5
    week 2 day 2....getting there slowly but surely the scale moving in the right direction....


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    Good luck Flirty-Flo (and Determined)!

    By the way, what you are describing is perfectly protocol as long as the first phase2 period is 23 days (20 effective injections) and is called a Planned Interruption. Dr. S. does state that there is a limit of 40 effective injections only because of immunity but he does not state this in the context of Planned Interruptions which are obviosly giving your body a break each time from the HCG. Of course the book is very short and one can make an argument that one must stop at 40 effective does to adhere to protocol but there is definitely ambiguity here. Immunity also seems to be extremely rare even without the Planned Interruptions.

    I did 28 injections in my first phase2, then did 21 days phase3, and am now on day 17 of injections in second phase2 so am at 42 effective injections as of today but I have lost more in last 10 days than even first 10 days (about a pound a day) but I was in ketosis when I began so had no carb or inflammatory weight to loose so no big initial whoosh :-)

    I will do 7 more days of injections and then transition to 28 days of phase3. I am going to then cycle back to finish off my HCG until I hit a total of 40 pounds lost or run out of HCG (which I estimate to be about 21 days) - whichever comes first.

    40 pounds lost will put me at a BMI of 24 so officially no longer overweight! But will likely do some Intermittent Fasting (after 28 days of phase3) with two days a week of phase2 eating (but no HCG) to drop another 5 pounds or so to get down closer to middle of normal BMI range..

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    I don't believe there has ever been one proven case of immunity, our bodies don't get immune to hcg, we just need to tweak our dose later in the round sometimes. Even though Dr. S thought people hit immunity he didn't adjust doses either so I assume he figured they hit immunity if they got hungry later in the rounds. Of course that's just an assumption/guess, which is basically all any of us can do guess and assume since it's a 50 year old plan with no further research.

    We've had people do 90 day rounds and cycle 45 day rounds and every variation in between with no problems. Protocol means different things to different people so do whatever works for you and don't worry about. I cycled all the way to goal last time so total time on hcg was way over 40 days and it will be this time too. Not sure how long yet may cycle all summer or may take the summer off and come back to P2 in the fall. Depends on where I am at when summer gets here, if it ever gets here. Been 80 for 2 weeks and it's snowing today so who knows LOL

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    I am new to cycling but not hcg. I completed one full round but I'm thinking about going a little rogue with my foods and trying cycling this time around. I am going to go read as much as I can about how to cycle but I wanted to stop in and say hi first.

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    Hello all - I too have been reading all of your messages on cycling. Please let me know if I have it correct.
    I would like to do...
    23 days P2 then go to P3 for 23, then back to P2. When loading - use P3 foods, avocado, coconut oil, cheese ect.

    I have 15 pounds to lose, but goes slow. Last round was 12 lbs in 23 days. I do stabilize well in P3.
    Thanks in advance for the info. Have a great day!


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    Hi Pandy and Lisa, welcome to the thread. Yes Lisa that is a pretty typical cycle. Your little frog will be hopping to goal in no time

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    Hello Everyone

    Pandy & Lisa . . . I am officially trying to cycle for the first time, too. I will be doing 21 days P2 & only 14 days of P3. I loaded 2 days this time, well one day on P3 & 1 day of a little too much over indulgence in carbs. In 2 days it is gone, plus an extra .6 lbs. Good Luck

    Poobear - I enjoy reading the Rogue Salon Thread. I've kept up with it, off & on, for quite some time, even back in 2011. I have never joined in because it is pretty active & sometimes hard to keep up with! LOL, just enjoy reading it. I tend to be a little rogue, with fat being one of those in P2. My body likes the fats just like yours. Thanks for the invite.

    06/09/15 - a new beginning (217.6). . . SLOWLY, but surely!!
    09/30/15 - 20 lbs lost - (197)
    10/13/15 - JUDDD - (197)
    11/01/15 - 190.8
    12/01/15 - 187.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisab110 View Post
    Hello all - I too have been reading all of your messages on cycling. Please let me know if I have it correct.
    I would like to do...
    23 days P2 then go to P3 for 23, then back to P2. When loading - use P3 foods, avocado, coconut oil, cheese ect.

    I have 15 pounds to lose, but goes slow. Last round was 12 lbs in 23 days. I do stabilize well in P3.
    Thanks in advance for the info. Have a great day!
    Hi Lisa,

    A lot of people, especially cyclers, already know what works for them and you seem to know what you are doing and have a game plan.

    But I just want to point out that Dr. S. stated we should load on *fattening* foods not high fat foods ( high fat without carbs is not fattening! :-) If Dr. S. meant high fat foods he would have stated to eat phase3 type foods to fill not "fattening* foods to fill ( yes one could argue phase3 could be high protein and not high fat but he does give a suggested list of loading founds in pounds and inches ).

    All those foods you list are great loading foods but I would throw in some healthy carbs to go with all those healthy fats!

    I personally believe this is important to load your normal fat stores so that the fat lost during the phase2 protocol is primarily from the abnormal fat stores. Yes you will temporarily gain a few extra pounds of "carb water weight" doing this and hopefully even a small amount of real fat to stock your normal fat reserves for reasons stated above. But the additional "carb water weight" will quickly come off in the first few days of protocol.

    Regardless, it is abnormal fat loss that is what we are all trying to loose ( or at least should be ).

    Good luck with your cycles!

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    I don't load at all. I just take my injection and go on low cal. I don't have any hunger as long as I don't load but I starve for a day or two on vlc if I load.

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    Hi poobears...you responded to my request for dosage help a few min ago when I said I was hungry and had about 10 pounds to lose and was playing with dose fromm100-115 and struggling with hunger. In January I did a long round of 36 days and the way I have been feeling these last few days is the way I was feeling in January when I knew I was done and time to cut my round short. I'm wondering if this is my body telling me to head to p3 tomorrow...and try some cycling. I know you say you do p2 for 1-2weeks then cruise to p3 for 3-5 days then back to p2. If I do that, and go into p3 eating starting tomorrow for about 5 days...would I still do 3 days VLCD with no shot or just start eating p3 foods tomorrow and not worry about doing my 3 days vlcd sans shots?

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    Loading makes me hungry for the first couple of days of VLCD because of the carbs but I survive :-) I load because I believe it is important to stock your normal fat reserves per P&I so that all the weight lost is from the abnormal fat reserves. This forum has gone off the deep end in regards to hunger, in my opinion. As soon as someone complains of hunger everyone jumps on board adjusting the dose etc. Rarely I get hungry and when I do I drink some water and it goes away :-)

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