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Thread: Aussie HCGers

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    Aussie HCGers


    Yes I am new, my friend who posts here told me about this forum and this exciting diet so had to join up and get into it.

    She thought it would be great to get an aussie thread (and anyone else too) mainly because we could share menus. recipes etc and where to get the ingredients etc.

    Also because we at this point can only get the drops (prescription required in Oz).

    I have ordered the drops and am awaiting in anticipation to get started. My friend wisely suggested I research and get recipes and plan my attack.

    I have been on the yo yo for sooo long, a permanent diet. I hope this works or I am doomed to a life of obesity!! arrrgh. Yes I also have a adrenal/thyroid problem which was never diagnosed ugh. Anyway finally it was and now Im on Armour/Hysone. All good except I cannot lose weight. So here goes

    Love to hear from others, the success, downfalls, etc


    ps I also run a Retreat and Day Spa www.highlandvalleyhomestead.com.au
    Always in for a cheeky bit of advertising

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    WoooHooo... Watch us aussie girls shrink i know we can do it!!!

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    Hey jomojo, yes yes yes!!! cant wait. You already know it works!

    Do you have any menu ideas? what did you do for the first three weeks.


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    i kept it pretty plain apple at breakfast chicken and cucumber or chicken and asparagus...or fish i used barramundi...lunch and dinner...the health grill got a good work out... i think on here there is a thing to download called 101 worry free hcg recipes...http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...experts-10734/ that may help...oh and now i make up chicken mince and minced beef meatballs with mixed herbs and freeze they are my go to thing cos i can just take them out and cook easy!

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    Hcg does really work. I lost 11 kilos with the HHcg drops. I have now ordered the pellets and can't wait to give them a go. Did anyone see the today tonite show tonite? They said hcg is a hoax. I really beg to differ!

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    We are in W.A so today tonight hasnt been on but i will watch it tonight... i dont put much weight in what experts say coz they want us fat and miserable.... where do you get the pellets from??? interesting to see how you go on this.... yeah i have lost 13kgs so i know it works after trying bodytrim atkins low cal etc and not being able to lose...when you starting your next round peaches???Keep posting here we can motivate each other and hopefully others will join!!! this is nice to know others in Oz are doing this cos its not that popular here really is it!

    Hope to see you in here again soon

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    Hello girls

    Peaches, yay, hello

    Well done on the 11 kilos, I would be soooo happy with that

    How long did it take you???

    Jos, did you watch the today tonight? I was out with the kids (tennis night).
    Thanks for the ideas

    I love the idea of being able to grab an apple! I am so flat out its perfect for me love strawberries too.


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    Yeah i watched it on my computer... it was very vague talking about different diets and the usual crap hcg is from pregnant women etc who cares it works!!!! it only touched on hcg shortly.... Peaches how did you first hear about hcg??? i would love to know how many people in oz actually have done this cos most people i know have never heard of it! I only found out thru Mary Shamons thyroid newsletters and there was alot of positive things said so i started investigating...anyway here i am lol

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    Yup that is typical Jos.

    Its interesting. I wonder how many ppl are doing it too.

    I cant wait to start!!! sooo hanging out!

    Hey if it works, maybe I could start up a weight loss program at Highland Valley!!!

    Charge a zillion dollars haha. Nah I would love to just help ppl lose weight. Especially thyroid ppl. We have it tough!!!


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    There is no if it WILL work!!! you know how much i was struggling but this was so much easier still have to avoid temptation but my mind was so in it... and the not being hungry helps sooo much>>>!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomojo View Post
    There is no if it WILL work!!! you know how much i was struggling but this was so much easier still have to avoid temptation but my mind was so in it... and the not being hungry helps sooo much>>>!
    CANT WAIT CANT WAIT. Maybe Sam will come in here soon

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    Still going strong down again...i love this diet...

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