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Thread: Celeste Drops (pure) Users, let's chat, compare & support!

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    Thanks RJ..and everyone for the support!

    Welcome to phase 3 RJ....I doubt the berries will hurt anything...I really went over on the fruit my first day, and it was fine.
    Patty, let us know how your surgery went as soon as you can...thoughts and prayers coming your way!

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    Hi there is a lot going on in this forum.. Sounds like you all have a great connection- thats so great!
    sbixler- the first time I ordered I felt the exact same way. But I just went ahead and ordered Celestes even though I was turned off by all the bagging on others she did. The drops work great I do feel the are very good. At one point I tried different drops and they did not work as well, so I ordered Celestes again. The first time I ordered the whole kit although after the first time I felt it wasnt that necessary and just ordered the 2 2oz bottles. It was the greatest value for the amount you receive. That way I just have them in the fridge if I want to do a round- kinda nice. I do take a liquid multi with xylitol ( acceptable sugar as far as I know) magnesium, b12 and a glandular. Thats just me. Everyone does it different. I find I am not as hungry and just feel better. If you are hungry the dose needs to go up. You shouldnt be hungry. Thats considered a no no. Weird huh?!good luck.... plzzz read pounds and inches its well worth the time. Its the only way I can get through this with my head straight.
    Patty thanks for all you encouragement.. I hear you on your thoughts on Celeste but hey it works right! And Happy Birthday!! Hey guess what I did yesterday.. cut out a buntch of model type bodies and words that lift me up and glue sticked them to a board.. That will definatley help me to keep my head straight. I feel so much more free when Im not thinking to adjust this or that and feel comfortable in my own skin. Im gonna also go through P&I and write some sayings down on a paper so they are before my eyes more often.. I really do want to do well and follow this time, not only for my body but also for me. It makes me feel good when I know I can follow through and accomplish something. anyways.. nough of my soapbox. I pray your surgery goes well and I am happy to hear you and your son want to go back to church... its not so much church that is important but drawing near to Him who loves you so much. The benefit is so great. (I am really hoping it was you who stated this if not plzzz forgive me!)
    Janet3 so sorry to hear about all you are going through.. I stand with what Rejoyce has said. She has a lot of wisdom. I will be praying for peace and strength and deeper understanding of just how powerful our God is for you.. Lean on Him. He knows about everything.. hugs..

    and oh.. not sure who asked but the noodles are called miracle noodles. THey are zero everyting and if you just really want that full feeling its great. I make spagetti with them. If you have any asian markets try there.. or try online. The ones I buy dont say miracle noodle on it. They have the texture of a noodle but not the taste. They take on the taste of whatever flavor u put with them. take care. Lisa

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    R4P2, HCG Injections
    Hey gang,

    I am so happy to see new faces here!

    Yes, we all agree that Celeste's site needs an overhaul, but it works, and that's what matters. I just really wish she would use Spell check and Thesaurus on her site. She's supposed to be the expert...You are losing weight, the losses are great, you will lose inches... Lose (i.e. opposite of gain or win) and Loose (i.e. opposite of tight) are those kinds of words that are easily mixed up, but if I had a national web site - I'd make sure I had them right. You are losing weight so your pants are loose. Lose is a weird word that doesn't look right in a sentence. Enough of that grammar lesson....

    I am on day *whatever* of a stall. Feels like a long time. I was really hoping for another 10 lbs. I am sticking with it at least until the end of the week. If I don't break through, then I'll start P3 next Monday, and do another round in a few weeks, providing I stabilize. I would really rather break through this plateau, go the 60 days, THEN do P3. We'll see what my body says. I am so dry that my hands feel like sandpaper, and they catch on everything. Very annoying.

    So, other than that - everything's going well.

    Janet - I can appreciate that your doctor wants to make sure. I know it's difficult to test/wait/worry, but making doubly sure is better in the long run. I know you know that, just want to encourage you. (((hugs)))

    Patty - good luck on the surgery. I am sure you will love the results. Keep us posted on your recovery.

    Shuly - sounds like you are going to need a vacation after all of the stress you are enduring. Support vibes are being sent your way!

    Talk to you all later!


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    Happy Birthday, Patty!!!

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    Ladies, thank you sooo much for the confirmation and added advice!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

    A little bit about me - I picked up HCG Activator last week which only stimulates your own supply of HCG. It does not contain the hormone itself. It is homeopathic and comes in capsule form. I loaded on Friday/Saturday and had my first 500 cal day yesterday. After reading the forums I realized that if I was going to put in the effort and stick to a rather tough protocol, I shouldn't cheat myself with a homeo version of HCG. So now, I want an RX version, hence my questions regarding Celeste's Pure.

    Below are my numbers. I lost 2.4 pounds my first day which is great but I fear that I will lose more lean mass with the homeo as apposed to losing more fat. So I've decided to order Celeste's and switch. Now comes the difficult part... do I start over with CP and load again? Or do I just start taking CP instead of the homeo when it arrives?

    Date 2/13 (weigh in after two load days)
    Weight - 126.2 lbs
    Fat - 26.7%
    Lean mass - 73.3%

    Date 2/14
    Weight - 123.8 lbs
    Fat - 25.9%
    Lean mass - 74.1%

    Thanks again everyone!!!


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    sbixler - welcome! i read ur post that u will be taking the homeopathic until ur CP arrives, right? if u r, just make the switch & keep right on going. . . no need to reload or anything. People switch like that quite often. Sometimes they run across a product that they don't particularly like, so they order another & switch mid-round. U will do just great! Good Luck, I loved my CP.


    06/09/15 - a new beginning (217.6). . . SLOWLY, but surely!!
    09/30/15 - 20 lbs lost - (197)
    10/13/15 - JUDDD - (197)
    11/01/15 - 190.8
    12/01/15 - 187.0

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    Thank you Paula! It's good to know this is a common occurrence. Phew I'm so excited!


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    I ordered sublingual from Celeste's website about a month ago. I had also did alot of research and decided to go with them because they were one of the few websites that stated how much hcg was in it. I was pretty worried because after I ordered it, I had read a couple bad things about them. But to my surprise it really does work! I'm not hungrey and I lost 10.5 pounds my first week! : ) My goal is to only to lose 30lbs to get down to 125, so I'm not that much over weight. So good luck, I hope that helps.


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    subling. drops R1P1 (starting 12/9/10)
    When I first started the drops I "was" hungry. That is why I played around with the dose. I ended up doing the two drops every two hours. Most people "think" you have to up your dose but sometimes you have to lower it. If you get too much you can end up getting hungry, just like getting too little can. Just an FYI for our newbies.

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    WOW Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. I know I will forget things I wanted to respond to but I'm sorta out of it worse then usual Lahrie I'm a looser loser LOL But I will try much harder now to pay attention. Spelling has never been one of my strong suites & with spell check helping all the time I'm really lazy about it

    My surgery went well. RJ you have probably witnessed this before but I was totally embarressed. I talked all the way through it. YEP after they put you to slepp for a couple of min to inject the numbing shots they back off & put you in twilight well, right near the end I could hear myself talking (no pain) I kept hearing it so I asked out loud "can you hear me"? My doctor answered yes Patty we do. OMG I couldn't believe it. The jokes didn't stop after that, the nurses named my dogs, horses bird & told me about our motorhome & vac. they said it was all good & they were wanting to join us this summer. When I apoligized to my doctor he said "don't worry it assures me my bill will be paid or I'll let Ed know what you really said". When they brought Ed back into recovery he said to my Dr. "so you couldn't get her to be quite either" goodness. It was pretty funny. I would have to say that I would never ever do this again though... NOT because of pain, there isn't really any but I feel very queezy & get sick when I think about the stitches & look at myself it's weird & not for me. I thought it wouldn't bother me I've had 2 major surgeries before & did wonderful but as for elective no I don't think I would do it again. Thank you all for the prayers.

    Janet I am holding steady including you in my prayers I'm happy your Dr. is doing the mri . Please keep good thoughts as we all will too. Janet is it you that sent me a message for my e-mail? Just checking before I replied.

    I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day

    I concur with all said about the celeste drops including finding your own happy place with them, what ever works as long as your not hungry.

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    Thanks gals! Gosh, everyone here is so helpful, supportive and kind! What a great place to be.

    Patty, Happy Birthday! I'm really happy to read that your surgery was smooth sailing.

    I'll keep posting my results with HCG Activator until I receive CP. I was actually thinking about taking both since the activator is only amino acids and green tea extract. I thought maybe the two together would be even more beneficial. Another forum member mentioned that he takes 6000mg's of aminos with his HCG drops to help with the breakdown and rebuilding of proteins. And I heard that green tea is part of protocol if you want to add it, so why not? What do you guys think? This may also allow for less drops to be taken at a time. I'm all up for reserving my 2oz supply.


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    Hi everyone, I'm new here, but I've just used Celeste's HCG and it worked quite well. I lost 19 lbs in 23 days, however, I have a question. I'm in the beginning of my 3 wk maintainance (P3?), but I'm confused as to the weight that I'm supposed to be monitoring. According to the manuscript and booklet I received with the kit, I'm not supposed to go over 2lbs of the lowest weight I was at, on my last day of taking HCG. However, at the end of the next 3 days (when your not taking the HCG but still on the 500 cal. diet) I lost another 1.5 lbs. So, which weight am I monitoring?
    I appreciate any help I can get with this.

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