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Thread: Celeste Drops (pure) Users, let's chat, compare & support!

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    What is the correct website for the drops? I have perused this thread and haven't found it yet. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolagranola View Post
    What is the correct website for the drops? I have perused this thread and haven't found it yet. Thanks
    Hi, in case you are still looking: http://www.pureh2o2forhealth.com/hcg.htm I got my bottles there and I'm on VLCD Day 3 and I'm not only "not hungry" I actually feel stuffed like all the time! Makes it very easy to follow the diet.

    22/Sept/14 - Round 1 - Starting weight - 210.8 (after loading)

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    Do the Celeste drops contain the hormone or not? I am looking for the real hcg hormone drops.

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    Hello everyone!

    I know this is an ooollllddd thread, wasn't sure whether to start a new one?

    I just started R1P2VLCD3 using the Celeste drops. I've lost 5 lbs already

    Load days went great, first VLCD was okay, kinda hungry. Yesterday I was huuunnggrryy. Like even after I ate, after taking drops, a lot. I was doing 4 drops 4x a day. Sticking to the protocol.

    So I read a lot on these forums and wow! So much info and help... I know you're not doctors but I have a feeling you're giving me more info than a doctor would. Thank you.

    Today I'm doing a no drop day to see about my dose. So far all morning NO HUNGER! Amazing. I keep thinking I'm going to get hungry, but I don't. I'm going to adjust my drops down tomorrow, perhaps 2 drops 4x a day. I'm getting a good vibe from the 2's.

    I was a bit concerned because one night I left the drops out of the fridge (after I'd opened them). So I was worried they weren't any good anymore... But because of my lack of hunger so far today, I think it was just a dosing issue.

    I am considering doing HHCG pellets so I don't have to refrigerate... As I don't have a place at work to do that properly.

    Anyone else still using the Celeste drops? I read maybe half of this thread, it's so long. But I enjoyed it a lot. You all have done so well, it's inspiring.

    Anyway, I'm so excited about all this, and soooo happy to have found this forum.

    Cheers to health and weight loss and fun!

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    Celeste Drops Users??? Anybody out there? I was very successful and happy with my 2011 Celeste HCG program and I lost 75. I'm on again with a strong start. Shocked to find that my Drops from 2012 are as effective as ever. They've been refrigerated the entire time. I did 2 Loading Days on March 26 & 27. 11 VLCDs thus far with loss of 10.2. Sooooooooooo if you are on Celeste Drops, do check in. There was a large group here in 2011-2012. ((((Blessings))))

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    R9 23 Ds -9.0 HCG Pellets LDW on 1/15 @ 140.6
    to maintain...Loaded 12/24 & 25.

    2018 R7 & R8 47/39 Ds -25.0. LDW on 6/22 @ 141.0

    Do Over@204 3/26/17 Celeste Drops/Intermountain Pellets 5 Rounds T -63

    Start@196 4/18/11. Celeste Pure HCG Drops 3 Rounds. T -62.6 ✝️❤️

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