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Thread: Big Girls Weighing Over 250 Lbs

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    Big Girls Weighing Over 250 Lbs

    Most of the post I read are people that weigh 140, 130 etc. How many of you started weighing over 200 -250lbs?
    This protocol has been the miracle that I have been waiting for. I started at 300.2 lbs and now after the 23 day round weigh 280 lbs. This is amazing. I look forward to the inch loss as I enter phase 3. I don't know how many of you can relate, but my weight is mostly in my tummy area. This meant I couldn't cross my legs, bend over very easy and forget picking any thing up by leaning over from a sitting position. Also, because of metal in my left leg from breaking it 2 years ago, running or walking fast was out of the question (that is alot of weight on metal rods). Then of course there was the fatigue, forgetfulness and body aches from all the sugar and carbs that my diet consisted of.

    If you notice I am using the word was now, past tense! Even though my loss was just 20 lbs and I still have alot to lose this protocol has literally changed my life! I have energy, I can think clear, my body doesn't ache any more and I am sleeping like a freakin baby every night. I don't get up to pee 3 - 4 times a night any longer. So much has changed. I crossed my legs 2 days ago, not even thinking about doing it, it was natural. Then I actually ran through my house yesterday to answer the phone. That was effortless and I shocked myself after I realized what I had done(and is even cried a little). I can walk down to our mail box and back now without being winded or exhausted when I get back to the house. Little things like this are everyday miracles. I just had to tell the all of you how incredible this is! I can't wait to see what else changes as I continue down this road!

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    I was in that over 200 weight range!
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    20 lbs in a 23 day round is excellent - congratulations! And welcome to the forum. :-)

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    Way to go bodyslim! It does change your life--for the better! Sounds like you are doing FANTASTIC!!

    I was 215 after I had my last baby (she's 1 now. I also have a 12 and 9 year old that I've never lost the weight from). I dropped down to 191 on my own, and started HCG there. I lost 23lbs. on my first round, and am planning to do one more round to get the last 25ish pounds off. I'm 5'7" with a medium frame. Goal of 145 to 150 (I think--it's been so long that I don't know!)

    Welcome to the forum!!!


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    I hear ya bodyslimway! I started at 313 and have lost right at 40 pounds...and 50 inches!! This is the most amazing protocol and I can relate to every "small miracle" you mentioned. To most it may not sound like much, but if you can't do those things it truly is a miracle! Here's to the rest coming off in 2010!!!

    Welcome to the forum!


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    hey i started at 246. i have mostly lost inches, inches, inches!! plus it is amazing what 20 30lbs less can do for you!! i got down to 208 in october but am struggling in p3 right now hovering between 216-218. i will do another roudn in january with several friends. my overall goal is no less than 175 but may check that goal when i get there to reevaluate how i feel and look. good luck to everyone!! i have to admit it is nice to hear from others who have just as much wieght to lose as me!! welcome

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    I'm a guy, but can still relate to a lot of what you are saying. I was around 283 lbs when I started. I couldn't tie my shoes comfortably at that time, and I avoided a lot of activities because of how much energy they required. After 2 rounds I'm down 50 pounds. I feel great. Just a few things that I notice after losing the weight:

    - tying shoes is a snap
    - shoes fit better
    - not hot and sweaty all the time
    - voice is clearer - I like to sing
    - better breathe control
    - no more acid reflux
    - sleep much better at night
    - don't wake myself up with snoring
    - don't get sleepy in the daytime
    - walking is a breeze - no more legs rubbing
    - clothes fit better - too big even
    - household chores get done more often

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    I totally agree Russmc3. I had to be on campus yesterday for a final and I can't park next to the building I needed to go to so I always park in a parking garage that's pretty far away. Well, my university is extremely hilly and filled with stairs. I used to get so winded. I'll tell you what, yesterday, I was practically running all over the place and up all the stair cases. I felt like Rocky! I had so much energy! This protocol is the BEST!!!

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    Hello. I started at 255 and lost 29 lbs. I have lost 32.5 inches so far.........I have lots to go but I can't wait to start HCG again in January. I just started P3 and trying to stabilize. It feels good to be able to walk a distance with my family and not get out of breath. My daughters soccer team had a party at the skating rink and I actually got the skates on and skated. I would have never done that before. It was the best feeling in the world to skate with my kids and not be completely embarrassed of myself. I have before pics and recent pics and I can't believe I let myself get to that point. HCG is literally a life saver. Good luck to everyone and hope everyone does well over the holidays.

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    I started at 260 & am 217 right now. You can do it!! I just bought a Christmas party dress (a sexy black one that hugs your body) in a size 16 & looked GREAT!! I was wearing 22/24's in September.
    I am not short winded climbing stairs anymore & can actually sit down on the floor without my stomach in the way. I can also comfortable sleep on my side without feeling smothered. I did lose my 'lap plate rest' though when eating & watching tv....lol!! Glad to see it go!

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    I started at 295 in June when my now ex-husband and I separated. Scary - I was 298 when I birthed my daughter who is now 7. Lost 25 on my own doing accupressure and a liver cleanse with my homeopath. Then found HCG. I lost 24 pounds in 27 days on program. Have been stable about at 245 -- 5-7 pounds under my LIW since October 27th. I start a new round (40 days this time if I can make it) on January 8. Loving this protocol! I am hoping to get to 180-190 with 2 more long rounds so I can be "normal" by summer! I am 5'11" and large framed so anything below 180 (although still an overweight BMI - normal BMI starts at 175 for me) is a bit too much and hard to sustain.


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