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Thread: Big Girls Weighing Over 250 Lbs

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    This is turning into one crappy year for Jews. Plain sad.

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    Hi all,

    Jayy - love that you still post pics! So inspiring! You look great!

    Sweetie - I am totally with you on the flab. I am actually feeling really great and starting to recognize that I am thinner (usually after a coworker tells me I need to stop wearing clothing that doesn't fit ). But when I am sitting or laying down I can really feel that excess tummy just hanging around and I hate it! I am 35, so I feel like I am on that brink of losing elasticity. I know I will have loose skin, but I really want this tummy gone!

    Moonie - so happy to have you back! Congrats on your continued losses and feeling confident about yourself!

    Rusty - thanks as always for your perspective. I love it - it is so helpful!

    AFM, I am down 1.5# today which brings me to 15# lost this round, about 9# of virgin weight and a total loss of 65#!!! I am just .5# from breaking into the 210's!! Praying I will see 219 tomorrow. I think I am officially getting into weight that I haven't been in for at least 10 years. The skinniest I can remember being in my adult life was at age 24/25 when I was doing Atkins and the Body for Life routine daily for about 6 months with my dad. Then my dad died and I started the gradual weight climb through emotional eating. I have been trying to remember correctly, but I think I was in a size 14/16 at my dad's funeral. Not the most fun benchmark to aim for - my dad's funeral - but certainly exciting to know I am getting close! I know he would be proud.

    Round 1 Mar 19 - May 3, 2012
    Start: 285 LPW: 249.6 Lost: 35.4#

    Round 2 Jul 7 - Aug 7, 2012
    Start: 235.3 LPW: 206.8 Lost: 28.5#

    Round 3 Oct 8 - Nov 8, 2012
    Start: 205.9 LPW: Lost:

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    Wow caz I am so jealous of your progress, 65 pounds!!!! And we started round the same time!!

    I went out with a friend last night so had to eat off plan, but made an ok choice and didn't eat all of it. Hopefully won't take me too long to get rid of :/
    Highest ever weight: 282.4 lb (Feb)
    Current weight: 226.0 lb

    Total weightloss so far: 56.4 lb | First goal: 227.0 lb | Progress: 100%!!!!!

    ~23lb lost with hcg, ~33lb lost with primal/clean eating

    Because the next 6 months will pass whether I lose weight or not. I cannot be healthy overnight, but I can look back in 6 months and be thankful I finally started.

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    jayy..you can really tell expecially in the back area and way to go!!
    Rusty..I also have a chubby chaser as a boyfriend and he makes comments about not losing to much because he isn't into skinny women. I don't think however this will happen or become a problem. lol
    The rest of you are doing great!! Congrats on all the losses!
    I have lost another 1lb in maintenance phase and doing well YAY. This past weekend my bf took me to an early dinner for my birthday before he left town again and I did very well except the few drinks we shared. All in all I enjoyed my evening and bday date . This weekend I will celebrate my birthday with my family and will be dining at a seafood restaurant. I plan to induldge in crab and shrimp, which I just love anyway and seems very safe!!
    You don't drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there! !

    May 22 -1st round 24 lbs gone forever!

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    Finally. First day without a loss. I was worried here - especially since I feel so rogue! I actually eat *gasp* olive oil on my salad, albeit only a tad - I usually end up somewhere between 400-650 calories. Skipped yesterday, so will go for 110iu today... we shall see. My sweet spot ain't there yet.

    Coffee first. Shower second. Then off to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetiepie View Post
    But you were surrounded by fish! How can you not stay on protocol? Grilled fish rocks!
    Sweetiepie - I hate to talk food ****, but fresh halibut in beer batter - couldn't resist.

    Quote Originally Posted by cazspice View Post
    Good morning all,
    About shopping, I am finally able to go into a store and find clothes that fit. The other day I stopped at a department store to look at furniture, but then I saw a bunch of clearance racks - which I typically avoid since there is rarely anything in plus sizes. But then I remembered I can fit into an 18 now! I found a cute top and some shorts, and as I was trying them on I was thinking "maybe shopping could be fun again"! I feel like that is one girlfriend outing I have always opted out of and missed. I have had a credit card with Lane Bryant for years, and have actually thought about the time when I won't fit in their clothes anymore that maybe I will cancel my credit card with a thank you note attached - that store has been a lifesaver for my confidence and sense of style for years, but I am really excited to have more options now!
    cazspice: Congratulations on size 18 clothes. I don't even remember the last time I wore those. Today was a twice a year 50% off sale at the "large women's store", I usually shop for the year. I resisted the temptation and did not even stop by. I didn't want to spend the money on clothes that will hang on me in the next few months.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moongazer View Post
    Helllllllooooooooo everyone!

    I'm doing well. My last round left me at 182 and feeling a bit fearful of gaining without HCG. But!!!!! I'm happy to say that I'm now 177 and holding. Gosh, I'm now 63 pounds lighter and feel so pleased with myself. Yes I do! I can't help but feel not only at peace, but joyful. Last night we went out for a walk along the shore and there I was in my capri pants and although not sleeveless, I was in a short sleeved top and feeling fine.

    Truly wish everyone well and much success on many levels during your personal journey. Hugs to everyone. Time for work!
    moongazer: - 63 pounds is Tremendous, keep going.

    Quote Originally Posted by pspalin View Post
    It is wonderful to come on here and see familiar faces and many new ones. Welcome to the newbies!! Love you girls and appreciate all the support I have gotten over the last 13 months. I would be lost without you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now back to happy losing...
    Pam: first Pam is a great name, second you are doing amazing, you have come so far and it's like running that marathon, the last leg may seem the hardest, but oh the reward at the finish line.

    Quote Originally Posted by jayy View Post
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    Ah well. Progress is still progress!
    jayy: I am impressed with the changes in your body, it is looking good.

    Quote Originally Posted by soci View Post
    Don't have much time to post, just wanted to check in and say, I'm down 2.8 more lbs!
    soci: Down 2.8 lbs! You Rock!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
    As the queen of being supersized (I've been at 349!), I will just say this: we all have our vision of ourselves. Since I have lost more than 80 pounds and dropped 5 clothing sizes, I am doing really great, right? I can't see it. As far as my eyes are concerned, I still weigh 325 lbs. I still think that I am HUGE, even though I intellectually know that I am smaller, I truly can't see it.

    Other women don't see it that way. I am working to lose 140 lbs total, that is 9 lbs short of my husband's weight, so I am working on losing most of him! LOL
    Rusty: 80 lbs is so inspirational. Thank for sharing!

    Quote Originally Posted by cazspice View Post
    Hi all,

    Caz: Your dad is proud of you, and everyone here is also. 65#! woo woo

    I fell off the wagon Saturday and Sunday, which caused me to go up 3.5#, today I am down 2.5# for a total of -12.5. So I still haven't recovered from my cheat, and I put myself back 5 days and at least 5#. Oh well, I am happy with -12.5 on P2D13. (knowing I could have done better)
    Goal - Target (T) -30.0, 280.0, Minimum (M) 291.0, Outrageous (O) 270.00
    R1P2 VLCD 1 7/18/16 312.0
    R1P2 VLCD 7 302.30 (-9.7)
    R1P2 VLCD 14 299.4 (-12.6)

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    Yup, halibut with batter would have tipped me over, too. Good losses despite the cheat! Considering that I am doing a rogue round, apparently, I have app. the same loss. Luckily, it is just two more weeks...

    Chicken in the Flavorwave, so breakfast almost ready (just had 10 cherries, too) - then chicken for lunch, with tomatoes, and fish for dinner. I am guessing 540 calories for the day, including my 100ml of 1.5% milk I do per day. If I am now stalling for 4 days, I will consider going POP again... happy with some adjustments for now. Plus it is my 2nd round - I feel like the hypotalamus was all nice and rested after the first round, so somehow I don't feel like my "cheats" do not hurt all that much. But I could be wrong.

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    Haven't logged on in awhile. Just wanted to give some hope for those that are just starting out. Yes, HCG does work.

    2.jpg3.jpg5.jpg6.jpgSheryl Christmas 2011.jpg

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    Running a bit late but time enough for a bit of a post.
    Thank you so much for posting your photos sdrand. Amazing! A whole new you! I feel as though losing is a real game changer on so many levels. From how we look, to what side of the clothing store we purchase our wardrobe from, (Caz, thinking of you shopping for a size 18 top!.....woohoo woman!) to how people see us and interact with us.
    It is phenomenal in how noticeable it is on so very many levels and with regards to the conversation about sagging skin... skin is one of those reminders that not many people will really take notice of if we chose it not to be noticed. Where stylish clothes that fit well and accent the positive. Any sagging skin left is a personal reminder that I'm a warrior. I have been fighting this battle for a very long time and if excesses skin is the medal I wear to show my triumphant success then so be it. I'll have won not only this battle but the war itself and when I'm feeling down about my skin I'll remind myself of the alternative. I know it will improve as much as it can over time too and I'm pretty sure if we all do some sort of body shaping workouts, (even soup cans can be used as weights) good improvement can obtained. My bat-wings are not near as bad as I thought they'd be because I've been working at a job that requires me to do a lot of lifting and shifting heavy bags of gardening soil and such. If you're only 18 I can see how it would be hard but honestly like I said we ladies can wear stylishly clothing to accent the positive so be very proud of your success in this war ladies.
    You're all doing so well!

    Have a wonderful day everyone. *hugs* Moonie

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    This is not my day. So close to just cancelling my weekend in the Netherlands. Ex is being incommunicado (again.) Loads of friends aren't there, or busy. Friend just cancelled my stay with them. Which now means that I either gotta change my plans, pay through the nose for a hotel, or spend half my time in trains, which are expensive and time-consuming. I really want to see my ex, and I really want to visit the synagogues. But not if this is so hard. Flight is of course non-returnable.

    Oh, and after yesterday's skip day because of dose, I forgot my injection this morning, meaning I am starving - and another 2 hours away from home. Will switch to night injections now...

    Okay, now hoping that my AirBNB reservation will be accepted - would make my life easier. Two nights in The Hague, which isn't quite as planned - but rooms in Amsterdam are crazy expensive, they have a Jewish synagogue, and I can do Friday/ Saturday service there. Meet friends in between, romp around my former city, then spend the other two nights off the beaten path with friends who I dearly love. I just cannot handle going back and fourth between Amsterdam and wherever I might find a place to stay... so much wasted time.

    If the reservation is not accepted, I can either look for another room.... or just f* it all. maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.

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    R3/P2/Doctor Supervised HCG injections (150 iu)
    Quote Originally Posted by sdrand View Post
    Haven't logged on in awhile. Just wanted to give some hope for those that are just starting out. Yes, HCG does work.

    2.jpg3.jpg5.jpg6.jpgSheryl Christmas 2011.jpg
    WOW Thanks for this. I truly am at a point where I needed an uplift! LOL. Thanks for sharing

    Weight Watchers start weight: 360
    Lost: 23.4
    Started R1: 3/7/2012 @336.6lbs
    Started R2: 7/6/2012 @277.4lbs
    Started R3: 10/10/2012 @265.6lbs
    Started R4: 04/16/2013 @ 292.0 lbs

    Lowest Weight: 254lbs (Dec 2012)
    Current Weight: 330lbs

    Please please please...Stay Focused!

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    Glad to help, Cupidhcg! It looks like you're doing great. Keep it up!


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