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Thread: Big Girls Weighing Over 250 Lbs

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    I was going to put my 2 cents in on your post but haven't had the time til now, sorry it's late!

    I am probably the youngest person in this thread, at 20. I started gaining weight when I was 14/15 and have never lost a pound since then (until March this year of course)

    What other people have said is right... that age is really difficult to trust with diet related things. I know your daughter is likely mature and intelligent, as you seem to be, but when I was that age everyone thought the same of me and I can tell you, I was not. Just before I got really big in the first place, I went on a restrictive diet. I went way overboard and got way obsessed. My parents were really concerned but I didn't think there was a problem. Such irony that I wasn't even fat then!

    Remember that teens have so many things in their lives that we don't. Other teenagers can be evil and mean, the media has so much more power over teenagers, and the internet also hosts a huge amount of questionable diet/appearance related content. Even as an intelligent teenager, it's really REALLY hard to not let that affect you. Everyone always told me how smart/mature I was, sometimes I felt like a nana for my age. All adults commented on my maturity and intelligence at that age. But when I look back now and remember some of the beliefs I secretly held, some of the things I thought about, and some of my goals - they were by no means the choices I'd make as an educated adult.

    Anyone who has weight issues will surely tell you, they wish they just learnt to eat right young, and never went on a diet, right? I would want that for my daughter. Don't start her on a cycle of diet and failure so young when honestly, as everyone else has said, eating paleo or primal and low carb will drop her weight really fast anyway AND teach her skills for a lifetime of being healthy without diet cycles. Teach her this one thing right and she'll have the rest of her life to thank you. She'll be a healthy, educated young woman by the time she's 18 and that's honestly the best start you can give her for college or whereever she goes. God I wish I had started uni at a healthy weight!

    What you do in the end is of course up to you and it's great that you've decided to do something for her. Unfortunately when I gained all my weight I was not in a place where my parents could intervene in any way haha. Good luck to you and her
    Highest ever weight: 282.4 lb (Feb)
    Current weight: 226.0 lb

    Total weightloss so far: 56.4 lb | First goal: 227.0 lb | Progress: 100%!!!!!

    ~23lb lost with hcg, ~33lb lost with primal/clean eating

    Because the next 6 months will pass whether I lose weight or not. I cannot be healthy overnight, but I can look back in 6 months and be thankful I finally started.

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    Jayy, thanks that makes complete sense what you are saying. I think we are going to just try paleo and cut out all the junk and see what that does for her first. I think if I can get her two weeks out and the cravings diminish it will help tremendously. She has tried WW before and while she lost some she would eventually stall and gain again because she was able to justify her points with junk so much of the time and at that time none of us were eating healthy at all. I know that the majority of this is my fault because of the food that I previously would buy and the amount of fast food we would eat each week was insane because of work schedules. I have realized that this is one area I cannot afford to be lazy in any longer. I am responsible for what she puts in her mouth simply because she is a child and doesn't buy her own food, and as harsh as that is for me it is the truth.

    I have learned along this journey with the help of a great sermon my Pastor preached on self control that self control is ALWAYS on it is just a matter of whether we choose to exercise it weekly, daily, or hourly when faced with triggers. So when the new Pizza Hut commercial comes on advertising the most delicious looking mini garlic bread pizza's I just tell myself time to exercise some self control and change the channel LOL. Hcg has given me the realization that I am not a prisoner to food and don't have to eat anything that isn't protocol for me at this given moment. There will be moments that I will one day once again have P4 foods but they will always be on rare occasions and in extreme modification simply because they are not good for me, hoping to be able to educate my daughter similarly.
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    Round 4 begins 4-20-13
    Start weight 175.6 (sigh)

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    Yup, your daughter sounds like me on WW.... I usually lost good in the beginning, then slowed down and stalled. And I had so many points available each day (something like 42), and my favorite ice cream only had 7 points.... and pasta was low-point all-you-can-eat, and veggies and fruit were no points - it was easy to stay underneath my allowed points and eat crap every single day.

    @LynneR -I just think you are way too easy with dispersing drugs - and hcg is a drug, with severe influence on the hormones. There is a reason why it is used as an infertility drug, and why it is used in pre-puberty teens to drop the testicles. We aren't talking vitamin here. You do not get your teenager birth control without a doctor. Neither should you get your teen on HCG because some people in a forum say so.

    Paleo is NOT just "eating healthy", by the way. Neither is it Atkins, or low carb. Paleo means understanding what influence food has, how processed foods and modern farming and meat-raising methods are making you sick, and what kinds of tricks the manufacturers are using to get you hooked on frankenfoods. Unfortunately, this also means paleo is more expensive to sustain... if you can afford it, going for grass-fed meat and pastured poultry is a huge factor, but it is also costly. I pay more than $30 per kilo of chicken, just as an example.

    Especially as a first introduction, the book "It starts with food" is great - it is fun to read, has some of the science stuff (but presented in a way that you could also skip it), and really gets you motivated to give Whole30 (strict paleo for 30 days) a try. Yes, it sucks not being able to eat out as much as you are used to. So many social occasions are linked with food, and usually unhealthy food - be it fries, popcorn, hot dogs, or cake. But honestly, the major health improvements I had after just two weeks got me committed - nothing tastes so good as to jeopardize being pain-free and energized. And after living clean for 2-4 weeks, you can usually make some adjustments. I don't worry too much about hidden sugar in restaurants, or when grabbing kebab on my way home from work... I only do these things once or twice a week, the rest of the time I am happy to cook and keep clean.

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    Morning all,
    End of P2W3 and I am in another stall, but I did manage to drop 5.3 lbs earlier this week. TOM came last night, so I am blaming the stall on him. In R1 I stalled before TOM as well but started losing again the day after it started, so hopefully that will happen again. I had a couple of defective patches this week, so the company is sending me some replacements, and I think I will have one extra depending on what they send, so I may end up extending this round for 3 more days. I had my fantasy of getting to 200 at the end of this round, but I finally sat down and did the math and realized that is impossible. Now I am aiming for 206, which would be 10% of virgin weight lost. I am at 211.7 today, so I think I will extend this round until I drop those final 6.7lbs for this round, but it would be really nice if I had a gangbuster week and could end on time because I am still seriously craving avocados and almond milk lattes!

    In online dating news, I met someone! And he seems really normal and mature! We just started emailing this weekend, so who knows, but it was really nice to be told I was attractive and intriguing after so many years of hiding under my fat!

    histeacher - still really impressed by how you are sorting out helping your daughter. If you communicate in person as well as you do in your posts, I think your daughter and family will get a plan figured out! And don't forget, this will be good for your other two daughters as well even if they don't struggle with their weight - Paleo is about health, and weight loss is a side benefit. I second sweetie's recommendation of It Starts With Food - I just got it and read half of it in one evening. It's really informative, and it made me laugh out loud a couple of times (which I never expected from a health book).
    Round 1 Mar 19 - May 3, 2012
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    Sounds like things are going well for you, Caz, despite the stall.

    I have to admit - my 2lbs lost yesterday were only 1 lbs. Dang that scale. While 80iu seems to be a way better dose, I am still not 100% as happy as I was in round 1, at least not every day. So last injection tomorrow - that makes for 29 days of VLCD this time around. And then back to paleo heaven on Saturday! Net loss of about 13 lbs at the end, which is okay - it would be more if I included loading, which I don't. And I still hope to lose again on Paleo... well, I better. Still such a long way to go. But I am throwing one of favorite pants under the needle tonight, see if I manage to take them in enough to be able to actually wear them again. I feel great, despite the extra kilo's, so all is well.

    Will spend some time on non-weight imrpovements before my trip to the Netherlands. Hair cut, do my nails, waxing, decent make-up, some accessories, some new clothes... so I look my best when seeing my ex again.

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm on the west-coast of my country which means it's only a bit past 6:00 a.m. here so if I don't make sense, blame the lack of coffee on my very foggy brain and no light in the sky.

    Well, no news is good news right. I have nothing to report. I'm still holding my weight and still eating clean. Yesterday I ate so many raspberries I thought I'd become one! We have two huge garden beds teeming with bushes that are loaded with these fine little morsels so I ate berries and fish and it was all delish!

    Caz, you're at a place on the scales that I remember best of all when I hit it. Funny but 200 was so close I could taste it, (excuse that reference but it seams to fit) yet so far away too. If I remember correctly, 206 was a hot number for me. No matter what number on the scales you land on be so very proud of your achievement and know that you're going to be on the other side very soon. How exciting! Really happy for you. How cool that you've met someone online. Hope he lives close enough to meet one day although a friend of mine met a man online and moved to the country he was in....Scotland and although that union didn't work out she fell in love with Edinburgh and remains living there. She found a super job and best of all she met her someone new and they are a couple now and they're going strong after a year now. You just never know what will come of it but whatever, I hope you have a good experience that leads to something wonderful.

    Jayy, you know, I think it's always been difficult to be a fat kid throughout time no matter what generation we're talking about. You're so right, kids can be cruel and it's been that way since the dawn of time. Might be natures way of keeping the struggle to the top alive which might be good for those who rise to the top but for many it's a crippling time to navigate. I too was a fat teen and I was given pills, (speed) and I did drop weight but I was crazy! When I stopped taking them I had terrible withdrawals and went even more insane. I remember wishing someone would help me, to show teach me a better way but everyone around me was so busy caught up in their problems and I was left to my own devices. My father helped me even though he didn't know it. He was a runner and during that summer I would get on my bike and ride the entire 8-10 miles that he ran. I truly believe this was my only savings grace and it helped to trigger something positive in me that I still feel today. I made it through that time but not without damage....don't we all carry some sort of baggage. I look back now and I'm amazed that I'm here now with a relatively cool head and pretty good common sense....leastwise I'm told this.
    Anyhow...I'm really happy for you and hope you continue to learn more about yourself and your body. You can only be a success for it.

    Histeacher, you're on the right path on all fronts. Keep going! I wish you and your family good health and success too!

    Sweet, hope you're having a great day. Oh dear,.....looking good for the ex sounds dangerous. LOL!

    Amgarrett616...have you started HCG yet? Hope to read more from you with how it's going.

    Hello to everyone else too.

    Have a great day everyone. Moonie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moongazer View Post
    Sweet, hope you're having a great day. Oh dear,.....looking good for the ex sounds dangerous. LOL!
    Shush. You do *not* want to read out latest emails, or listen in to our phone calls. Completely heading off towards disaster here... luckily, temporary madness seems to be mutual right now. Eleven more days. And yes, I am counting down. At the very least, I am getting laid again. I think. Who knows. Ugh.

    But! Just took a look in the mirror! And.... I can see cheek bones! At least a slight indent where they are supposed to be. Still some chubby double chin left, still a round face, but - this is good news all around.

    Have fun traveling the country - and girl, get some coffee in ya! Who survives 6 am forum posts without coffee?

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    Hey ladies! Sounds like everyone is still heading in the right direction!

    I have had a weird last 3 days. I think problems with my iron again. I am forever losing it and can't seem to fix it, I eat so much steak and spinach and vitamin c! I'm going to visit the doc and perhaps go on contraception so I no longer get TOM and see if that will help. I literally have achieved nothing over the last 3 days because I am just so tired I can't even function I hate this fatigue. I mean you'd think eating real food would be enough! I haven't eaten anything out of a box in months, no fast food, all just fresh & real. If that doesn't fix it then I don't know what ever will! How do people survive their whole lives off fake foods & chemicals? You know those skinny people who literally do not eat veges and just live off boxed processed things? HOW?? I honestly don't understand the world sometimes.


    Anyway, other than that things are going okaaaay. I am still retaining water and again, not sure why. Maybe to do with TOM as well. I have been gymming lots and am feeling good, getting stronger and my tummy is getting smaller despite the bloating, I can tell. no new weigh in yet because this bloating has messed everything up. I have eaten a bit more than I wanted to over the last 3 days but I blame TOM and my depression over this fatigue and continued iron issues I think I'm just in a whiney, boohoo mood.
    Highest ever weight: 282.4 lb (Feb)
    Current weight: 226.0 lb

    Total weightloss so far: 56.4 lb | First goal: 227.0 lb | Progress: 100%!!!!!

    ~23lb lost with hcg, ~33lb lost with primal/clean eating

    Because the next 6 months will pass whether I lose weight or not. I cannot be healthy overnight, but I can look back in 6 months and be thankful I finally started.

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    Thanks for the welcomes! I have not started yet. I'm so anxious! I have USPS email notifications coming in everytime my package gets closer. Lol.

    I'll be posting. Good luck to everyone!!!

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    Boo Jayy, for feeling crappy. Hope you get this sorted out... I actually started B12 injections every 4th day, hoping to just kick-start some energy and metabolism. They are cheap, easy to do, and don't do any harm if you don't need them.

    My LDW this round is 252.2 lbs - decided to drop the last injection today, just cannot be fucked anymore. And I get to eat on Friday, when I am working from home... win-win situation. One pound under already, hoping for some buffer - Saturday will be party, though I think I won't go too crazy and should be able to not drink. We shall see. Definitely meeting mom for lunch that day, so happy to be eating again by then.

    Just checked - 19 lbs lost in 28 days of VLCD. Unfortunately, that includes loading weight, so the net loss was more like 14.5 lbs - which is still okay for a short round. Will definitely only do half a loading day next time, probably in October... the second I have hcg in my body, I gain. Now hoping for some more P3 losses...

    And I overslept, so I gotta hustle... will be late for work. Oh well.
    (Nope - I am switching days.... Friday in the office, today at home. Bad me.)


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