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Thread: July p4 group. [2015] Let's stay connected!

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    i love this thread as well, and am glad we keep it going. I agree its not active, but us P4'ers always come back to post. I think it is more where we can say whats really going on

    Glad your getting back to your own bed Rose.. Always nice to get home again

    Leez I hope you continue to maintain... I wish it wasn't such a struggle for us. I would love to just be able to find what really works and not have to worry about it again. Wishful thinking!!!

    This weekend I started drinking my baobob boost again, and I am packing proper lunches again. I find it is helping me again. So will see how this week goes with that plan.

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    I love that boost juice drink. I think it helps keep me satisfied between meals too, because of the fiber. It hasn't been a magic potion for weight loss, unfortunately. I'm still looking for my magic potion!

    I've been alternating S (low carb) and E (low fat) days this past week and still managed to creep up another pound.

    So my dilemma is, do I suck it up and do another round? Or do I try a new strategy?

    Because of the time of year (translation: cold weather) I really don't want to start a round now because I freeze the whole time during P2 anyway and cold weather just makes that more miserable. So I'm leaning towards trying a new strategy.

    I have the THM stubborn losers menus from their membership site that I joined for a short time a while ago. There are 3 weeks of them. I can't follow them exactly because of various food sensitivities, but I can sub out similar choices and stay with the fuel type and basic macros construction fairly easily. I've not ever lost anything significant on THM, even on the fuel cycles. But if I can reverse these gains at all with these pulled-back menus, then I'll know its possible, and that I just haven't found the right balance.

    The SLMenus are basically free-styling with smaller fuel amounts and no (or only tiny amounts) of fun-foods like cheese and nuts and heavy cream. So it will feel a little "diety", but with a free-er framework, if that makes sense.

    I'll be thinking about it more over the weekend, and then decide.
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