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That’s great news Leez. Glad to here your happy and doing well.
Also great to hear from Rose and that your doing well.
I am getting closer to being where I want to be. It’s hard some days. We had a busy summer with renovations so my husband can get around better in the house. His cancer appears to be sleeping as they want to call it as with his type they can’t say remission.
He can get around a bit with his walker and he has a scooter now so he can at least get out more.
He can’t dress himself and may never be able to but at least there is progress .
We have a new caregiver since June and she is more supportive and motivates him.
I just have to stay motivated as it’s hard sometimes with no break. But I am glad he is doing better.
Just wanted to pop in and say Hi to you all.

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Hi @Jayk Always happy to hear from you. Glad your husband is seeing some i provement. I know this must be still difficult for you. My orayers for you to be able to rest a bit,