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Thread: Swabby's School of Suave

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    Dec 2011
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    R1/P2/RX HCG
    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a beautiful, love filled holiday season.

    So I was so great the other night and then Christmas Eve came... I caved.. however, I woke up this morning with a 1.2 pound LOSS. How is that even possible? I mean, I caved! I had hot chocolate AND cookies (2). Is this just the calm before the storm or am I very lucky? I hope the latter lol.
    ~ Gina ~

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    An update from BQ-land...
    P1D1 175.2
    P1D2 177.2 (post Breakfast, oops)

    Yesterday's loading went well... cream cheese danish + sausage-egg-cheese- croissant at Burger King for breakfast, plenty to nosh on at family gathering. Extra butter and gravy on everything.

    Loading today was harder. I basically just put butter on everything naughty I could find. The food-gasm (party) didn't start until 3:30 and when dinner was served 5:30 ish I would have been just as happy with a glass of water.

    I will be getting a bowl of ice cream in just to fill in the cracks, then off to sleep land. I"m in Central time zone and it's early, but the baby's been up a lot and so I'm tired. I've been noticing my muscles are acting more tired and slightly achy too, kind of odd. (If anyone has any insight I'd love to hear.)

    Body has been demanding more water - thirst is a little higher but urine color (sorry of TMI) has been flagging the need for more fluids.

    VLCD starts tomorrow, I am quite nervous... hope this goes well! Iknow it has for others, but sometimes the view gets vastly different when you're on the journey yourself.

    Till tomorrow, kids.

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    R1P2 SL 150UI/day = 18 x2


    NAME Start Round
    P2 Length HhCG/Rx
    Delivery Method
    ababy Jan 1 R3 HhCG 140 Female
    agentventi Jan 1 R2 23-30 days HhCG Pellets -8 lbs. Female
    alcoholswab Jan 3 R2 43 Rx SQ injections 233.2 pounds Male
    altic Jan 1 R2 40 days HhCG SL Drops 200 Male
    amiinthere Jan 1
    bbygrl78 Jan 1 R2
    beckyquilts Jan 1 R1 30 days hhcg SL drops 155 Female
    BethSchwReno Jan 6 Female
    blau texas Dec 31 R2 40 days Rx IM Injections 170 Female
    bluskydaze 12/31 R3
    calythia Jan 1 R1 40 days Rx SQ injections 160/165 Female
    cherokee R2 HhCG 185 Male
    clockwork_wizard 12/24 R1 40 days HhCG SL drops Male
    crash Jan
    crashtu Jan
    CrazyLadyinFlKeys Dec3 1or Jan1 R3 23+ hhcg SL drops >140 Female
    crazz Jan 1 R1 30-40 hhcg SL drops 140 Female
    cynm Dec 31 R1 40 days Rx SL Drops 125 Female
    damom111 Jan 1 R2
    daveschwreno Jan 6 R2
    dollia Jan R5 hhcg female
    electladyj Jan 1
    elena13 Jan 1 R2 30-43 Female
    fatfighter Jan 1 R2 30-40 days HhCG SL Drops 139.8 Female
    fbb63 Jan 1 R2 40 days Rx SL Drops 170 Female
    freedomfromfat Jan 1 R3 31 days Rx SL drops 120 Female
    glinda Jan 1 R2
    goforit Jan 7
    going4gold Jan 1 R2
    Grandma of 7
    gwenna Jan 1 R1 30 days HhCG or Rx SL drops 125 Female
    haveasmile Jan 10 R4 Rx Patch
    Hcgvixen Jan 1
    izus Dec 25 R2
    jcranbery7 Jan 3 R3
    jezebelle Jan 1 R2
    jooge124 Jan 1 R1 40 days hhcg SL drops 135 Female
    kandeekisses Jan 1 R3
    kim a. Jan 1 R2 40 days Rx SQ Injections 140 Female
    kittykole Dec 31- jan 1 R1 40 days ? SL drops 130 -135 Female
    ksully Jan 4 R2
    La.girl Jan 1 R3 40 days Rx SQ Injections 195 Female
    LanaBeeee Jan 1 R1
    ldygeko Jan 1 R7 40 days Rx SQ Injections Female
    lilmissnea Jan 1 R2?
    lily6288 Jan 1 R1 Rx SL drops Female
    lindsayloo18 Jan 1 R1 40 days Rx SQ Injections 125 Female
    LisaWard Female
    Lynette Collier /TD]
    maggieg Jan 1 R2 30-40 days Rx & Hhcg SL drops 125 Female
    marion93 ? R2 43 days SQ injections 135 Female
    mastifflyvr28 Dec 31 R2 40 days Rx SQ Injections 120 Female
    mcrider Jan 1 R1 40 days Hhcg SL drops Female
    meladelle Jan 1 R1 40 days HhCG SL Drops 170 Female
    melissa22642 Jan 7 R2 HhCG SL Drops 170 Female
    meltin-aweigh Dec 30 R1 30 days HhCG SL drops Female
    Minerva86 Jan 1 R1 128 Female
    mini Dec 31
    mlove Jan 7 R3 Rx SL Drops 130 Female
    mom2mommy2aprincess Female
    mommy2aprincess Female
    myrealhcgstory Jan 1 R2 42 days Rx SQ injections 160 Female
    NannetteB Dec 21 R2 25-28 Rx SQ -20 Female
    niane Jan 1 R2
    Nilly 12/7
    piplipa Jan 1 R3
    ready2lose Jan 1 R2 43 Rx Inj 125 Female
    RobinC Jan 7 R3 Rx Inj 158-170 Female
    roxies_mom Jan 1 R2 HhCG SL Drops 120 Female
    sassygirl Jan 1 R2
    scientistmac Dec 31 R2 Hhcg Female
    scorpios Jan 1 R2 43 days Rx SQ Injections 125 Female
    simjam Jan 1 R2 hhcg SL drops 142 Female
    skeppy Jan 1 R2
    sophali Jan 1
    srsmith81481 Jan 1 R2 Rx SQ Injections 150 Female
    sunshine81039 Jan 1
    thinontheinside Jan 11 R2
    tracyc Dec 30 R2 40 days HhCG
    veronicalodge Dec 31 R2 125 Female
    zaivion Dec 31 R1 40 days HhCG SL drops 230 Female
    test start date R? P2 length Rx/HhCG? method goal wt sex

    It is 6 days, 1 hour, 1 minute, 21 seconds
    until Sunday, January 1, 2012 (EST)

    Quote Originally Posted by zaivion View Post
    I am really happy to see this large group. My stats R 12/31/11,R1,40 days, Hhcg, drops, 230lbs, female. O hcg and fdaes and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!
    Done. Done and Done. Thanks for your stats zaivion. We're almost there.....just a few more days !

    Quote Originally Posted by Lynette Collier View Post
    Would love to join and share this journey with some wonderful folks.. please count me in
    Lynette- You are now officially added to the group. Welcome to our club! 2012 here we come!

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    1.4 pound gain in two days disappeared after the next day of eating half decent for breakfast and dinner, but insanely crappy for lunch, which puts me right back at my lowest weight again. I honestly could not have asked for a better response from my body to eating garbage.

    (self high 5)

    Starting to really wonder if my sensitivity is to sugar, since I haven't been pushing that as hard. One Booster Juice in the last 3 days, and I am having them take the fruit juice out of it and replace it with water (thanks to the guy at Booster Juice for suggesting that). What's hilarious is that I find it still ridiculously sweet compared to what I normally eat/drink that the loss means almost nothing (though my glycemic index thanks me for not spiking it for kicks).

    This throws me back into wondering if I need another round, but of course the hCG body shaping is worth the price of admission

    Quote Originally Posted by fatfighter View Post
    SWABBY!!!! SHHHHH!!! You're not supposed to post that here. The general public can read these posts, and that info is for hCG'ers only!!! You know the button only shows up after 17 days of hCG and VLCD!!!!!

    I have failed our secret society.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    Any suggestions of where to get it? Write me offline so we don't tip of the FDA who seems to be crabby these days.
    Wish I knew how to help out, but being a Canadian we are forced to reinact the Great Escape (in reverse) to be able to get hCG for our rounds.

    Just one question, how does someone write you offline? lol maybe I'm the only one wondering how that's done.

    (glances around for some sign of an e-mail address or something else to help find you)

    p.s. I tried dialing (000)000-0000 but you didn't answer. So I tried (000)000-0001 but you didn't answer. So I tried...

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    Nov 2011
    Alberta, Can
    I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas...make the best of the new year. I am so eager to start this diet, I am comtemplating on starting on the 28th. I should give you a bit of history on myself. I am Canadian, female 45 yrs, weight approx 210 and at this moment I am not giving myself a definate weight loss #. But 150 lbs comes to mind. I am considering this my R1. HHCG and I am looking for at least 30 days of VLCD I am ready for this journey. I love this large group. Means that we will have the best support for each and every one of us. Cheers everyone, have a great day!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    Yikes - We are supposed to be part of the group (we being hubby and I), loading on the second week of January. But being caught up in the joys of Christmas and P4 eating, I have forgotten to buy our drops. Any suggestions of where to get it? Write me offline so we don't tip of the FDA who seems to be crabby these days.

    Thanks, Crash
    You can get some hhcg drops from amazon. You may have to do expedited shipping.


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    Jun 2011
    R2 Ph2 Hhcg pellets
    Quote Originally Posted by FreedomFromFat View Post
    You can get some hhcg drops from amazon. You may have to do expedited shipping.
    I don't think Amazon's drops have any HCG in them.

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    R2 Ph2 Hhcg pellets
    I think I might be joining this group! My weight and my signature are no longer valid, as I have way overdone it on sweets during this holiday season and I am now 3 lbs. over LDW. That's significant considering I only lost about 12 lbs. to begin with. I ordered and received the hhcg pellets from meridan labs, because it was fairly inexpensive, it has real HCG in them, and I have heard good things about the pellets.

    So I'm not sure I remember all the questions, but this will be my R2, I will be using hhcg pellets and doing a 23 day round. I see people giving ages and weights but I don't give age (50's however) I'm 5'1" and my weight right now is 124 but it may be higher after loading on Dec. 31st and Jan. 1st - first VLCD will be Jan. 2nd! My goal is 117 but if I go lower during the round I wouldn't mind being 115 (wouldn't go below that however). I'm considering doing an 800 cal. protocol with a hard boiled egg for breakfast and slightly larger protein servings, I have read about good results from that. I just hope I can be as dedicated this time as I was last time when I paid a lot of money to a naturopathic clinic to do HCG - it made it very costly to even consider cheating, so I didn't! This time I'm doing it myself and hopefully I can be as strict.

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    Hi everyone, I too could not wait for the New Years to start, as I have a job interview soon. So I started on December 22nd and lost 5.2 lbs so far. I really hope I can make it through, I am just sick of saying everyone I'm on diet half of my life and still being fat and getting advice and looks from people who have never had weight management issues in their lives. Happy New Losses everyone

    Start weight 224.0 lb
    LD1 +0.2 lb (Dec 22)
    VLCW1 -3.8 (Dec 23-Dec29)
    VLCW2 -3.0 (Dec 30-Jan05)
    VLCW3 -2.0 (Jan 06-Jan12)
    VLCW3 (Jan 13-Jan19)

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    I am sorry, I meant PM, which I did receive one already. Unfortunately their suggested company is no longer selling hCG. So, still looking. Not sure why the phone numbers didn't work

    R1 - 201# after load days
    30 days (ran out of drops) -29.2 lbs

    R2 - 187 post load
    Week 1: -6.2 (still +.8 over LDW)
    Week 2: -2.4 (finally -.2 under LDW from R1!)
    Week 3: -4.0

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    Dec 2011
    R1/P2/hhCG drops
    I started P1 Dec 19th & P2 Dec 21st.
    I was surprised with a 4 day, 3 night Mini-vacation for New Years as a gift from my husband.
    I was presented with these choices:
    - Sticking with it for the 4 days and hoping to get lucky with restaurant food (and cocktail temptations) - My fear is what my weight would do while overindulging while on hCG!
    - a very early (P2/D11) planned interruption - I have been told it is too soon in P2.
    - Re-start

    Unless anyone has any other suggestions.
    I'm in! I think it's the best choice that has been presented to me.

    How is everyone else eating until the start of Loading?

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    Apr 2011
    I would love to join this group! Im planning on starting on Jan 1/2 and doing a 40 day round. My background is as follows:

    3rd round
    40-42 days
    20-25 lbs

    My first round was very successful...42 days 28 lbs Stablized well and kept it off. Went from 199.6 to 171.6

    2nd round so-so...started 174.4 down to 157.4 in 27 days. Never stabilized well, 8 days later i was up 5 lbs I keep a food journal and there was nothing that i could figure out what i ate or added wrong that caused such a fast gain, other than the fact I did what i considered a short cycle.

    My ultimate goal is 145-150. This diet truly works for me. Never once have a done a cheat, although I got frustrated, I stuck with it. The hardest part for me is giving up cream in my coffee And my Monster Rehab iced tea drinks. But I can do anything for 6 weeks

    Im excited to be involved in a group. Always a lurker, never a poster!

    Good luck to us all!



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