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Thread: Swabby's School of Suave

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcoholswab View Post

    Both seem like viable options. Personally I find P3 to be harder than P2 (I know that sounds weird but P2 is like being locked up with no thinking, where P3 offers you choice, which is so scary when you're naughty by nature), so I'd rather be in P2 and the planned interruption, but that's just me
    I agree I did pretty good on o2 and bombed p3

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    I started before Jan 1st, but I'll be right in sync with those doing the 23 day round, so here's my 'timeline' so far.
    ROUND 1
    Phase 2
    (December 12,2011-January 23, 2012)

    Day 1: 213.2 lbs. ("Loading" Day)
    Day 2: 212.2 lbs. ("Loading" Day)
    Day 3: 213 lbs. (Start of VLCD)
    Day 4: 211.6 lbs.
    Day 5: 208.8 lbs.
    Day 6: 207.6 lbs.
    Day 7: 207.6 lbs.
    Day 8: 206.6 lbs.
    Day 9: 205.2 lbs.
    Day 10: 203.4 lbs.
    Day 11: 203.4 lbs.
    Day 12: 203.2 lbs.
    Day 13: 202.8 lbs.
    Day 14: 201.2 lbs.
    Day 15: 201.4 lbs.
    Day 16: 200.2 lbs.
    Day 17: 199.6 lbs. (YAY UNDER 200!!!!)
    Day 18: 199.2 lbs. (TOM)
    Day 19: lbs.
    Day 20: lbs.
    Day 21: lbs.
    Day 22: lbs.
    Day 23: lbs.
    Day 24: lbs.
    Day 25: lbs.
    Day 26: lbs.
    Day 27: lbs.
    Day 28: lbs.
    Day 29: lbs.
    Day 30: lbs.
    Day 31: lbs.
    Day 32: lbs.
    Day 33: lbs.
    Day 34: lbs.
    Day 35: lbs.
    Day 36: lbs.
    Day 37: lbs.
    Day 38: lbs.
    Day 39: lbs.
    Day 40: lbs. (LIW)
    Day 41: lbs. (No HCG)
    Day 42: lbs. (No HCG)
    Day 43: lbs. (No HCG)

    LIW Weight: ???? lbs. (-???? lbs.)

    PHASE 3
    (January 24, 2012 to February 13, 2012)

    DAY 1: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 2: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 3: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 4: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 5: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 6: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 7: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 8: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 9: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 10: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 11: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 12: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 13: lbs. ( lbs.)
    DAY 14: lbs. ( lbs.)
    Day 15: lbs. ( lbs.)
    Day 16: lbs. ( lbs.)
    Day 17: lbs. ( lbs.)
    Day 18: lbs. ( lbs.)
    Day 19: lbs. ( lbs.)
    Day 20: lbs. ( lbs.)
    Day 21: lbs. ( lbs.)

    Lowest Weight: ???? lbs. (-???? lbs.) on Day ????
    Highest Weight: ???? lbs. (+???? lbs.) on Day ????
    Average Weight: ???? lbs.

    Phase 4
    (February 14, 2012 - ?????)

    Day 1: lbs.
    Day 2: lbs.
    Day 3: lbs.
    Day 4: lbs.
    Day 5: lbs.
    Day 6: lbs.
    Day 7: lbs.
    Day 8: lbs.
    Day 9: lbs.
    Day 10: lbs.
    Day 11: lbs.
    Day 12: lbs.
    Day 13: lbs.
    Day 14: lbs.
    Day 15: lbs.
    Day 16: lbs.
    Day 17: lbs.
    Day 18: lbs.
    Day 19: lbs.
    Day 20: lbs.
    Day 21: lbs.

    Weight: ???? lbs. (-???? lbs.)

    I have had such a great experience with this diet. Not hungry and I have to make myself eat all 500 calories... I did try some Cocoa Crack, so I can't say I've stuck STRICTLY to protocol, but I have been VERY close to protocol with the exception of the CC. My goal is to be between 140-150lbs.

    Good luck to all!!!!

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    Guess I'd better get onboard with my stats, lol. R2 loading to begin 12/31 and 1/01, 30 day round (ending 4 days before DD's wedding, eek!), hhcg drops, 150 current weight, goal 130 lbs, Female. My first round I was able to release 27 lbs. in 35 days keeping strictly to protocol, so here's hoping to do as well this round

    Good luck to all us loaders this weekend!

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    I'm New!
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    Name: Hi everyone! I am new to this board and my name is Darla ( I have been lurking around for sometime, tons of info here!)
    Start : My Loading days are Dec 30th & 31st
    Round: This is my first round!
    P2 Length : I am going for 40 days
    HhCG/Rx: prescription hCG
    Delivery Method : Under the skin Injection
    Goal : My overall goal weight is 133
    Sex: Female

    Wishing everyone the best...

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    Im in! R1 was july-aug, stabalized great. r2 was oct-nov...got to my goal but totally messed up p3.I got back dow to LWD with correction days/weeks, but let loose for xmas and well it came back quick...and all around my tummy! Need it gone quick, get back to goal and do p3 right and sloooooow p4! Semi load sat 31st and full healthy load jan 1st. Glad to have some company Much easier with this site!

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    Thanks Ducky!

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    I want to start on January 1st! This is my first time on the diet. I'm really excited... I've cleaned out the kitchen (bad food), bagging portion sized protion, water... I'm ready!

    Name: Theheels
    Start : December 31st (1st load day)
    Round: 1st round
    P2 Length: going 30 days
    HhCG/Rx: prescription HCG
    Delivery Method: injection into muscle
    Goal: 135 (starting 180)
    Sex :the estrogen

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    i tried this once and kept failing and took a break... i am gorging jan 1 and 2 doing a 42 day p2. i am glad i found this forum cause i need a lot of support. how do you guys cook your chicken?
    P1: start & January
    P2: start Jan 9 start weight 167.4

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    R2, P2 Sq
    Miracle noodle? Anyone tried them and are they okay or just another 'gimmick'. I called a naturopath this morning and inquired as to their hCG and they actually have their PT'S consume anywhere from a 1000 to a 500 cal diet (for a huge amount of money I might add) and they sell all kinds of special shakes and foods. My plan is to stick to the VLCD of 500 come hell or high water but I was wondering if there are meal replacement shakes that are acceptable while on this diet and if so does anyone have a reccomendation. I looked through the "Handy Dandy hCG bible" and didn't find anything on meal replacements but I am guessing that is because of the era in which it was created. I have also started the sublingual b-12 as well as a one a day multi vitamin and am now adding fiber to everything. On one of the sites that sells the hCG kits they also sell a detox? I wondering if there are other vitamins and minerals that I should be taking to help things along aside from the fiber and sublingual b-12. Another question I have is that I was wondering whats up with the ampoules of hCg and B-12? Once the glass tip is broken off don't you have to use it rather quickly and does anyone know if there has been a problem with glass getting in the actual product? Thanx, hope everyone is having a great evening

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    Nicole, thanks for the info on ordering from all day chemist! Getting on it post haste.

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    Hi all! I am REALLY new to this. Just read about HCG before Xmas and ordered some drops that i've been messing with the last 2 days.
    i am probably getting it all wrong! i need to post and be accountable I think to try to do it the correct way.
    Name: Mary
    Start : Tomorrow??
    Round: This is my first round
    P2 Length : I have no clue what typical is - will want to do whatever most people do
    HhCG/Rx: over the counter drops
    Delivery Method : sublingual
    Goal : My goal is to lose 25 pounds
    Sex: Female

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dallas View Post
    @AlcoholSwab - Attachment 9544
    LOL, perfect, tis my new signature Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by jooge124 View Post
    How horrible would it be to have a roasted chiecken breast from subway on a bed of lettuce and topped with a P2 dressing that I would of made myself. According to subway nutrition guide the chicken breast is 71g weight 90 calories 4g carbs 2 g sugar 220mg sodium(yikes) and 15g protein?
    Not sure what sort of P2-friendly salad dressing you're talking about (lemon with pepper lol), but fast food restaurants are notorious for using all sorts of unhealthy rubs and injecting their food with all manner of unhealthy things to increase flavour.

    On P2 some people can go off protocol and be fine, where others can go off protocol and get decapitated.

    I would ensure I had a back-up at work (trust me, no one will eat it) before I would consider Subway

    Quote Originally Posted by Clockwork_Wizard View Post
    After 2 days VLCD - -7.5 lbs.
    Grats on the counter loading!


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