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Thread: Swabby's School of Suave

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    Good morning everyone. I have yet to weigh in but when I do you'll know it. I always weigh right before lunch.

    How is everyone doing on this lovely Monday, Full moon day? ugh hehe
    ~ Gina ~

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    VLCD4 and I'm down a total of 4.4lbs not counting my load weight. Yippee!

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    Good morning all,

    I am up .2 today, grrrrrrrrrr. It's annoying but I do know it will be ok (plus I think I will just go ahead and blame the scale and pretend I'm not up). I hope everyone has a wonderful day with great success. Back to work after 2 weeks off caring for my daughter, so we'll see what the day brings...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Orthorep View Post
    Up 2 lbs this morning, WTH??? Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Now what, stick to protocol or something else?
    Hang in there......let your body do what it needs to...Just drown the sucker in water today

    For those iffy on the water, add lemon, its a nice change

    So my screwy day yesterday turned into something good....with a .8 lb loss this morning. I don't fear what might happen tomorrow, because life will throw curve balls at us, we just need to deal with them.

    Glad to hear of a few losses. Hugs to those who need them....
    Be strong everyone. Do the best that you can and don't beat yourself up about the rest.

    Its a great day!!!! Enjoy it!!!!! you were able to put your feet on the floor this morning so its all good
    ["If you stumbled today, remember where and how it felt, and tomorrow take a different path. Life flourishes from its pain and the lessons we gain."
    ~ by Dodinsky ]

    [Remember: If it is important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse...find a way.]

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    Alchi-woop woop goal 1 accomplished, wtg!

    Ortho-stick to protocol. perhaps do a protein day if you are incline and feel the need to do something different. What did you eat over the weekend?

    Unaleo-Ugh people like that frustrate me. They want you to do it their way. You are doing the program for you not for anyone else so continue to do it for you! If people end up gaining weight back in the end it is not the DIET that cause that, it is the person who made the choices.

    Quote Originally Posted by weightdevil666 View Post
    i am worried about tomorrow, i start my p2d1 and i am on a long road trip 4 hours.. i usually consume diet coke to keep me awake. the devil is talking to me by saying if that is the only cheat you have you will be fine... but the angel says you are gonna do protocol this is just 43 days. i wonder who is gonna win the devil or the angel.

    are we allowed to have ice tea? if so how do you make it.. never was an ice tea drinker but i want something to drink with flavor. i drink mostly zephrihills sparkling water with lemon throughout the day.

    ok i take a great deal of supplements and one is oil based. i am not going to stop taking that because it helps me with my mood and keeps me from getting severe cramps with my evil friend.

    does using oil free products really make a huge difference in weight loss? i really do not see how it stalls or make us not lose weight.

    can we walk for an hour with a 20 pound weight vest?

    this is the type of workout i want to get into but i want to lose the weight first. which phase can i work this into?

    Weightdevil-I tried starting a new exercise program last round in P2 and my losses stalled, boo. I would wait until P3 so that mentally you dont get down about lower numbers on the scale (thats how I am).
    Dr S encourages exercise but not to pick up something new & strenuous. With the VLCD you just wont have the stamina & you may end up putting yourself into starvation mode.
    You can have ice tea. I made mine with green tea packets & put it in a huge 32 oz container. Heat up your water like normal add ice to the cup & then pour the water in the cup with the tea packets...add stevia for flavor. Different people have different results regarding products and the ability to use them on P2 or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by gammagirl View Post
    Is anyone on here a fan of the Delmem channel on Youtube? I bought my first kit from him back in the day. He has SO MANY good videos. I had to look him up tonight for mixing instructions. He's good for a chuckle, and some great info. He also just posted something 6 days ago that shows a body comp test he took before and after an 18 lb. loss on hcg. Very cool results.

    I was so close to 100% protocol today. The only glitch was some pot roast left out that I gnawed on. Yes, I literally gnawed on it. It had traces of cream of mushroom soup on it, and was not a lean piece of meat, though I did not eat the fat. It was probably a couple of ounces of meat (nope. I didn't weigh it).

    How are you all so good? I am out of control around food. I guess I didn't realize I was so hungry, either. At least the dogs and kids are all accounted for.

    "KEEP IT TOGETHER, MAN!" (picture monsters inc. janitors here.)

    This is why I like to hear your mental tips just as much as your food prep tips. Mentally, I need someone with a whip standing behind me threatening my every move! Or a cane...Alchi? JK. I will hit my groove. Everything will be fine. It will only get easier. (I'm going to go write this in my journal 500 times.) See you all tomorrow.
    I do the diet for myself & my inner strength I guess keeps me good...well and knowing that if Im bad I have to come to the forum & hang my head in shame lol. I have a picture on my fridge of when I was bigger & that is my motivation. I keep apples out so I can have those. I try not to have things in the house that I will crave & in the end everyone in the house is eating healthier.

    Quote Originally Posted by cynm View Post
    AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! o noooooo! what to do what to do??????
    i left home without taking my hcg this morn and yesterday was my skip day so now i will have 2 days in a row no hcg in me.....
    so how bad is this going to mess me up???? should i double dose tonight or just take the single dose and hope for the best?
    sssoooooo upsest with myself!
    I would just do the regular dose tonight. You still have HCG in your system.. Dont stress!

    Ashlei-Great loss!

    Someone asked about inches-I noticed a lot of inch loss really happen in P3. W2 is a hard week because losses tend to slow but you do notice inch loss. I generally measure myself every week or at least every two weeks or when I have stalled as a motivational factor.

    For those who have gained or had lower losses than you planned or expected--Stay strong & keep doing protocol. You have the strength & can do it!!

    Today is VLCD 9 for me & Im down 7.4 from preload weight...Ill take it. I expected my losses in W2 to slow which they have plus it being the weekend I dont get my water intake in as I should. I was down .6 today. Im doing taco & steak today & of course its the work week so my water intake will increase.

    Oh today is my husbands first day with his hours changed. I was all emotional (go figure) telling him Ill miss him, etc. and hes like what is wrong with you...wheres the support babe. I was like well I will miss you we wont be able to talk much & I wont be able to cuddle up with you...hmm guess I need to get my heating blanket out, ugh. Ah men just have different mentalities and he is definitely not a sensitive guy AT ALL.
    Smiley aka Nicole


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    end of week 1 vlcd and I lost 8#. I stayed the same today. Here's looking to another great week everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fbb63 View Post
    Hey Alchi my friend, how are you this fine morning?
    Why thank you for asking...I am fine, UP 2 pounds but I am fine. I'll take the two darn pounds because I KNOW it could have been much worse.

    Thanks for the guidance with my stats. I will try it. Not sure if I'll end up putting it on my signature though. I do have it pasted in word. But, I have my daily tracker (R1 and R2) on Excel.

    By the way... a few posts back (maybe 100 by now), you mentioned something about Dr. Belluscio answering your Dalton question. I'm sorry, but I'm stupid. What is a "poser" and what does this statement mean...."Sadly he admitted that it was a poser, which was the subject of his research"? (pg 284-post 2834)
    Any chance you can explain that to me clearly?

    almost forgot...your losses are awesome! Kickin' butt again!
    Feeling good, but I'm a little faint with exertion, which is exactly what happened last round as well. Glad to hear that you answered my silent request for how you're doing, and that you're doing well.

    "Poser" (maybe it's a Canadian thing) is a question that he's still chewing on. Dr. B doesn't have a quick answer, but does feel it works. He has spent years trying to explain why it works though.

    Quote Originally Posted by fbb63 View Post
    Ton of bricks just hit me....my water intake was horrible on Saturday, and yesterday. Not sure what my problem is. I need to ignore the fact that I'm a little tired of water lately (odd, because that is ALWAYS my drink- I love it), and just get it in. Thanks for the constant (every 10-15 pages) reminder to drink water. Please don't stop.
    Uhm, drink water, tip your waitresses!

    Quote Originally Posted by Carrieann View Post
    How dare she!! Does she know anything at all about "loading days" on the HCG program? Obvioulsly not!! Even if I didn't understand, I would never try to down someone who has had obvious success, and we all have parties from time to time where we overindulge. It's what we do day to day that matters in maintenance, not what we do occasionally at social functions. Anyway I'm guessing she will not be successful in her job, which is to motivate people to stick to a program and show them how to live real life while maintaining, NOT to be judgemental, which will come across with the people she is trying to "help". They will flock away from her to more understanding "motivators" ("leaders", I'm guessing lol...)
    Sounds like she's protecting her program by attacking other programs, rather than speaking to you. She's a marketing rep and should be treated as such (read: "hang up" on her and walk away from her unsolicited advice).

    Quote Originally Posted by fbb63 View Post
    I am off to make myself some small goals. Thanks for that.

    You are a ROCK STAR CRUSHER!!

    less than 6 for the next. I'm cheering for you!!!

    I hope the smaller goal thing helps you out. I know it works for me. It's easier to face a journey of a hundred miles one mile at a time.

    Quote Originally Posted by cynm View Post
    AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! o noooooo! what to do what to do??????
    i left home without taking my hcg this morn and yesterday was my skip day so now i will have 2 days in a row no hcg in me.....
    so how bad is this going to mess me up???? should i double dose tonight or just take the single dose and hope for the best?
    sssoooooo upsest with myself!
    hCG remains in your body for 72 hours. I wouldn't skip a day on purpose, but oopses happen. Resume your hCG in the morning, unless you have a way to pop home and take your shot.

    Too much hCG does the opposite of what one would imagine, so that's not a way to fix your issue.

    We all have our moments where it's suprising that we don't choke ourselves with our shoelaces when we don our shoes.

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    R3/P2/Rx hCG IM inj

    Current standings


    Starting Weight
    Week 1
    Week 2
    Week 3
    Total Lost
    alcohoswab 263.6
    sweetmissi10 192.8
    MeliRumi 216.8
    Blau Texas 236.8 224.4 12.4 5.24
    lily6288 272.0
    orthorep 165.0
    Pleep83 167.6
    cynm 197.0
    jooge124 194.8
    bstoker 299.8
    simplygorgeous 223.8 213.0 10.8 4.83
    gwenna 192.4
    Nilly 227.0 216.1 212.7 208.9 18.1 7.97
    unaleo12 209.0
    hekare 173.0 162.2 10.8 6.24
    Dollia 202.2
    AnIslandGirl 144.0
    Calythia 307.2
    singlemomto3 202.2 194.0 8.2 4.06
    fianceofsinglemomto3 311.6 303.8 7.8 2.50
    blumissy 155.8
    Smileynik1 187.6 173.4 14.2 7.57
    ababy 158.0
    GenXBrat 162.0
    fbb63 250.0
    fbbtu 294.0
    roxies_mom 138.0
    fatfighter 149.8
    weightdevil666 165.4

    hCG Biggest Loser Rules:
    - Total loss from your morning weight of D1 of your VLCD to your morning weight on D23.
    - This is fun and should stay that way, so please don't do anything crazy to help your losses be any more than would come of this crazy hCG program. Lose safely through starvation only? *chortle*
    - All participants must have a ticker that they update often to motivate the others to stick to protocol without deviations or cheats.
    - Men will subtract 10 pounds from their weight loss because the woMAN is trying to keep us down.
    - We'll do a graph with updated weights per week as an additional motivation, since Fbb's graph work will have died off by then and I know she'll be looking forward to doing some more.
    - We'll award the winner with a new signature proclaiming their awesomeness. Signature will be 100x420 pixels maximum (spoke with Jarret about what he would accept for signature size).

    1. Divide number of pounds lost by the starting weight.
    2. Multiply the answer by 100 to get the % lost.

    To everyone who pm'd me with your stats...thank you! And you're welcome! Appreciate the kind remarks!

    "Be it, don't dream it... "

    Blau Texas is the user name my iPad gave me with it's autocorrect feature. I was supposed to be NLAintexas. Curse you, autocorrect!

    Calorie Counter

    The Plan:
    Round 1 load day 1 - October 8 - LIW 235 - 32 lbs.lost
    Round 2 load day 1 - December 31 - LIW 204.8 - 32 lbs.lost
    Round 3 load day 1 - April 7

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    Sitting here watching What Not to Wear Mommy Edition (5 worst dressed moms who got makeovers), while eating my fabulous steak and brussels sprouts (so yummy!) and I can't wait to get to where I want to be so I can go shopping. I am hoping it takes about 5 months, and am setting aside $100 a month to shop with. I know it won't get me the most stuff, but it's what I can afford and I look forward to seeing how far that money can go! I have some inbetween clothes from when I was about 15 pounds lighter than I am now, so hopefully they'll last me til my "goal". I agree with everyone who says to dress your size, and I hope to get to a point where I can do that a little better.

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    Morning losers!!

    I'm doing well. Down another pound. Go me!

    Round1: 20 pounds gone!!!
    Round2: lost 14...gained back 8
    Round3: -11.2 Ldw: 166.4

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    Loser Competition

    I was wondering if it might be beneficial to divide the competitors out into 'On Protocol Competitors' and 'Rogue Competitors'. There might not be any benefit to doing it; even the most stringent 'Protocol-er' has to deviate at some point. But it seems to me that there is a big difference between unintentional deviations and daily, mindful, deviations.

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    ...and of course, great job to everyone else, as well. I know this can be such a struggle some days, so good on all of us for sticking it out through the tough times.

    Round1: 20 pounds gone!!!
    Round2: lost 14...gained back 8
    Round3: -11.2 Ldw: 166.4


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