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Thread: Swabby's School of Suave

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynm View Post
    Hi Tuesday! I have been on here a long time many groups but have never found another as great as my first group Swabby's. It was an awesome group of folks and I still find myself wondering how the folks from then are doing. I will be starting again end of Jan. I just can't seem to keep it off
    Good luck to u Tuesday!!!
    I know, I'm digging my current group, but NOTHING is like swabby folks!! I'm on day 15, down 11 pounds, I was hoping for more, but I also have had the flu for a week, and we are in the middle of renovating our kitchen completely gutting it and starting fresh, so under the circumstances not having stalled or gained is pretty awesome I guess lol I plan to go 2 more weeks, I have an event on the 24th of January and I want to be in p3 by then, and the first week of February we will be on vacation in Florida. If I haven't lost to my goal weight, which is 13 more pounds, I'm going to do another round after we get back from vacation. I'm so glad to hear from you. Miss you guys.
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    Greetings friends,

    Long time no bug

    It's been so long since we've talked but I just wanted to drop by and wish everyone well and all the happiness we can jam in a human.

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    Quote from Swabby: Shhh don't tell anyone, but these sheer volume of backposts will provide anyone that's having a bad day literally hours-days (depending on reading speed) with stuff to read if they so choose.

    Swabby! Sorry I missed you, hope you are well and happy. I owe you and the rest of the gang so many thanks for helping me through this.


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