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Thread: Any other 'Weight Loss Apocalypse Protocol' followers out there??

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    First timer, P2 injections, medically supervised.
    Does the user guide have any help for P3? It only says P1 & 2 on the description. I don't want to spend that much money if I can only use it for a couple of weeks.


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    Old thread but I'll bump it. RW has different definitions for the phases. to her, p2 is p3, so that may be why you're confused. Anyone interested should check out her videos on youtube first.

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    Also a number of suppliers give some sort of book or manual with every order to help you learn the protocol and follow it. We offer a free download of our Success Guide which has everything you need plus recipes, food journal, and weight loss/measurement tracker.
    Have questions or need support from us? Come visit http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums/f37/frequency-apps-support-69577/

    If you would like to order: http://www.frequencyapps.com/#a_aid=HDI

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    I love Robin's videos and info. Immediately after learning about her hunger scale I automatically started using it, before I started the HCG diet. It was so natural to just start using... I'm still learning what my signals for hunger are... But it's given me so much more confidence in knowing myself... And takes away much guesswork.

    I'm now on my first round, VLCD3. I'm still using the hunger scale to an extent because knowing the difference between hunger and cravings in myself helped me understand my dose was off.

    But it is important to get all your calories on the 500 plan, so you will have to eat even if you're not hungry in P2(Robin's P1)... If that makes sense. I think it's will be very important to use in P3 (Robin's P2).

    But I think she's really on to something with the Leptin explaination, and she gave me so much confidence in the HCG diet (along with these forums).

    I learned that even if I do weigh myself, to not become negatively attached or addicted to that behavior. She recommends never weighing... But I never weighed myself anyway before and would like some guide.

    I'm very excited about using her hunger scale to maintain, it's just brilliant. I wish I could afford sessions with her... One day!

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    Hi! Are you guys doing it without weighing yourselves? I've done HCG before, but want to do this round with no scale. Any thoughts?
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    Hi ladies, my name is Lisa.. almost 50 from Florida. Done a few rounds with great success but fall off p3 before it even starts. Reading the Weightloss Apocolypse. Makes so much sense to me that I need to work on my emotional issues before this can work. I am a tough case for sure and I am so afraid to do it again because I do not want to fail again. Sick of myself quite honestly. I have a consult with Robin tomorrow. I am excited to learn from someone who seems to have a great deal of insight into my severe crutch on food. Wishing you all the best ;-)

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    I am planning to do it next time with no scale. One of my most successful rounds was when I was traveling with no access to a scale and when I got home I was shocked at how much I lost. There was no ups and downs with the scale or obsessing at all.

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    Lgottesman, bravo! I need emotional work as well. In 2014 I watched Robin's videos. Time to watch again for me. How was your consult? Please share!
    I weighed the first 8 days. I think I will nor weigh until next Friday. IF I can stay off the scale and trust the process, or really that's trust myself. Congrats on managing it.

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    Hello girls. Hope you're well. I've been looking for a pdf version of Weight loss Apolcapse. Can one of you email me the book on [email address removed]? Please it'll be highly appreciated!

    [The email address posted has been removed for the protection of the poster. Response to the request can be handled via the private message system. --Leez]

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