Ok I know..... NOT VEGETARIAN but...... I was wondering if anyone has had the applegate chicken sausage? I was thinking of trying it to see if it would help on protocol because I have SO many food sensitivities maybe just maybe this might be a good "steak day" alternative too, maybe. So I am asking you guys because even though it is not vegan you do care as much as I do about human treatment of animals and the GMO project and all things wrong with Monsanto. Now I want to stay vegan and like the lifestyle I like the way I feel on it but on HCG it has been hard lately and I am just brainstorming. So...

Applegate brand Chicken sausage
ingredients: Chicken, dried apples, Water
100 calories 2 links 7grams fat 35mg cholesterol, 260mg sodium, 2g carbs, 7g protein 2g sugar (must be from apples)