I joined the forum several months ago, but did not have a lot of success. I did not stick with it for long, because I have been vegetarian for several years, and did not feel good when I ate the meat. I am now a vegan, and want to try this diet in a way that works for me and my lifestyle.

I feel great eating vegan food, but unfortunately, vegan does not automatically equal skinny. I am still lugging around the weight that I wanted to lose last February, so I hope that I can do it this time by sticking to the tips and tricks that you are all using. I stopped gaining once I became a vegan, but I have not lost much. Hopefully, the hhcg will help me to shed the unwanted pounds and inches so I can continue down this healthier road.

I have committed to eating whole foods, and homemade foods, at least 95% of the time. I am not eating out much these days, and trying to avoid processed foods. Between that, and the hhcg, I hope to conquer this weight issue for the last time.

I wanted to introduce myself, while I lurk in the shadows and read all of the veg threads. I am in the loading stage, and will begin P2 over the weekend.

I tried to post this a few moments ago, and I think it was lost in cyber-space. If it ends up being a double-post, I am sorry! LOL