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Thread: Hubby having issues

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    Hubby having issues

    Hi everyone!
    My hubby and I are vegetarians and have been taking hhcg for one week now. The bottle's directions are 6 drops 6 times a day. (Green Web) I have lost 9.2 lbs and hubby has lost 10 lbs. He is complaining that he is weak and thats his kidneys hurt. He says he has been drinking "pretty close" to 2 liters of water a day. We have been eating the eggs or he has had cottage cheese. We also have been eating Boca crumbles with 2 cans diced tomatoes and seasoning. I split it up into 5 servings. He had some Gardein in a salad too. And, just yesterday we got some pea protein so we could up our protein intake. Do any of you have any ideas on what could be making him feel that way? I suggested that maybe he should eat a couple more egg WHITES in the morning?? Or should he maybe add a half or whole pea protein smoothie everyday?

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    I'm not sure. I do know that soy isn't really allowed on the protocol, so it might be the boca crumbles.
    Try getting some protein powder from the health food store and using that for one of your meals.
    You can make a smoothie with the strawberries.

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    search on "kidneys hurt" on this forum (search bar in upper right) and you'll see several discussions - maybe some might help


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