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Thread: I'm a Vegetarian

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    Hi Anki. Do your drops say 3x 6x 12x or similar on the bottle? Also how tall are you? HCG only gets rid of the abnormal fat stores so if you are slim and have none to lose then HCG wont help as far as Im aware. If you've only lost a pound in four days then something isnt right. Are you sticking to the 500 calories a day? HCG will work for you so long as you have the right stuff and follow the protocol...

    Not that Im an expert or owt, but I have learnt the basics...

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    Hello to all,
    Vegetarians definitely have good health because of all their cholesterol level not increase as comparatively to the others,such people always remain fit in the daily routine life properly.

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    Anyone joining the Vegetarian groups in this forum? You can do so by going to My Profile (after you log in), then Join Groups. If you search "vegetarian", 2 groups should appear - Vegetarian & Vegan. I've joined both. Hope to have good discussions there as well...

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    Hi JudRa,
    As you have been meat eater before so you might get more difficulties in sticking with vegan diet. As you'r concern is to get the amount of protein necessary so add food rich source of proteins in your daily meals. Keep updating us with your progress. Wish you luck JudRa.

    Stones Sharp Accountants

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    Hi everyone! I've been vegan for 3 years now and have to try this meat/dairy free. So I've been using 2 cutlets of Quorn as one serving of protein. There is also a new plant-based meat alternative called "Beyond Meat" with 20 grams of protein in one serving. I'm just starting out and so far I lose weight everyday. I will incorporate other meat-alternative out there but so far the "Beyond Meat" taste/texture/protein has me 100%. I usually eat only one 'meat alternative' per day and then have a protein shake at the other meal using Sun Warrior!

    Hopefully like everyone else here my vegan hcg diet attempt will be just as successful. Best of luck to all of us!

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    Hi Annie. I love the look of the Beyond Meat products but Im in the UK so can't get them here - boo hoo!! I lost 22lbs in my first round so you should do just fine. Although I don't know of any Quorn products that don't have egg in them?

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    I'm on my second round and doing whole plant foods this time around instead of vegetarian. My first round I used fish and egg whites per the Ornish Spectrum, but during my first P3 I switched to whole plant foods, no oils, no animals, no processed foods except for Ezekiel bread. I stabilized wonderfully 5 pounds below my ending drops weight and I'm doing another P2 to lose my last 14 pounds.

    My daily meals have some variety and I'm on P2 day 9 and have lost 8 pounds so far:

    Breakfast - either one fruit serving (apple, orange, 1/2 grapefruit, Costco frozen berry mix, or strawberries) or 1/2 cup cooked oatmeal

    Lunch - 1/2 cup cooked rice, beans, quinoa, or potatoes, or a half-cup mixture of these, like 1/2 cup rice+ beans or 1/2 cup of my homemade split pea potato soup Or I will have 1 slice Ezekiel bread instead of other starch. I eat 1/2 cup cooked tomatoes with my starch serving. Sometimes I'll spread a couple tablespoons of fat-free refried beans on my Ezekiel toast, or just cook the toast pieces with tomatoes and Italian seasonings for a panzanella. Other times I'll use the toast as croutons on my salad.

    I also eat a serving of veggies, either lettuce, spinach, asparagus, zucchini, or broccoli.

    Dinner - Same as lunch, but add another fruit serving.

    Still comes in below 500 calories or between 400-500 per day. I'm not hungry and my losses have continued. I won't be on P2 much longer but plan on remaining on whole food plant based indefinitely to lower my cholesterol and decrease my risk of heart disease and cancer. I'm not using protein powders or fake meats to increase protein. Even on 500 calories, the protein level of whole plant foods comes close to or equals WHO guidelines for protein, so I'm not worried about it. Lower protein is better anyway to decrease IGF-1 levels.

    I was a little concerned about doing a P2 with plant foods and no animals, but my losses are in line with the losses I had on my first round of P2 that included animals. I suspect this has more to do with just keeping to 500 calories per day rather than the actual makeup of what foods you are eating. YMMV but that has been my experience.

    Good luck no matter what plan you are following!

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    I am headed in tomorrow for my first visit to start HCG. I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 and have been gluten free 3 months. I guess the meat substitutes won't be fore me because of the gluten, but I can do the eggs and cottage cheese! Excited to get started!

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    Vegetarian foods are the best source for get energy and nutrition so mostly i like the vegetarian
    foods for get good fitness and health.According to me that vegetarian foods is the perfectible
    solution for the weight loss of the body and reduce the fat....

    Stones Sharp Accountants

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    Im vegan and I find (and after reading up on it) that starches make me fat. I try and stick to protein and fats. So I eat creamy coconut curries, and make a spag bol with lots of olive oil and grated vegan cheese with maybe a little spaghetti. I also love my thick creamy vegan desserts.

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    I use Proteins Powdered drinks, egg, meatless/soy patties and alternatives, it is far more practical because all the healthy information is offered on the appearance, simpler to keep my calorie consumption down, less costly....

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    I am also an vegetarian. love you vegetable for my fitness.
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