Hey I'm new to the forums! I wanted to share a worksheet I made.
It's currently meat heavy as far as protein goes, because I created it off the the Pounds and Inches book by Dr. Simeons. (I recommend reading for a more in depth understanding of the why and how).

I was concerned about protein intake. So the worksheet it started as a list of what 100g of each of the raw proteins he mentioned yielded in dietary proteins and snowballed into a full worksheet.

The Pea Protein mentioned is Now Sports brand, the Whey Protein is Syntrax Nectar (Brand). I have a few more that I want to add as well as other meat substitutes. Such as Quorn (Brand). As well as some more adaptations.

Worksheet, formatted to be printed on 11 x 17, but can be printed on 8.5 x 11, started as an Excel, to Word, to .PDF, unfortunately it was too large to just upload so I've posted it in my documents and made it publicly accessible. If anyone can do this to make it easier to access I won't object!


Please give feedback on how to make it more user friendly.