I just wanted to share what Iíve done so far.

Started at 183.6
Loading Day 2: 184.4
VLCD1: 183.4
VLCD16: 170.6

Iím only doing the short round of HCG for 21 days and then continuing the VLCD after my last shot for 72hrs before I jump into P3
I have about a week to go on P2.
*I also get b12 shots and double lipoden shots every week

Breakfast: Water and Coffee
Lunch between 130p-230p without fail
Dinner between 530p-730pm without fail

I alternate between these foods below for lunch or dinner

Protein: Sun Warrior (Warrior blend) Chocolate and Zero fat cottage cheese small curd

Veggies: spinach and cucumbers

Fruit: apples and grapefruit and rarely have strawberries

Starch: Grissini stick (one stick for each meal)

Iíve done HCG before several times and I always get caught up with recipes and making it taste good that I only frustrate myself.
This time around my diet has been pretty bland and boring but what keeps me going is the weight loss.

I am however going to try Chobani Greek yogurt zero fat for lunch today as a protein substitute.
Iím nervous Iíll stall but Iím okay with that just so I can try this out and see if it works for my body.

I also decided this time around to only eat my lunch and dinner between 130pm and 730pm.

So far itís working for me. I used to stall before and I havenít yet. So Iíll keep you all posted.

Let me know if Greek yogurt has worked for you as a protein substitute.

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