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Thread: seeking protein powder that tastes good with out fruit added to it for phase 3.

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    seeking protein powder that tastes good with out fruit added to it for phase 3.

    need advice asap...i bought pea protein powder for phase 2 as suggested but can only get it down with stevia and lots of strawberries. so for phase 3 we have to limit fruit, so whats a good tasting protein powder thats allowed?

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    I ordered Prograde Protein. I have been using Jay Robb because I always lose on it. But I am looking for something with higher grade ingredients.
    Sun Warrior and Garden of Life are great but the carbs and sugar effect my losses.

    Hope that helps!
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    you absolutely cannot go wrong with Jay Robb. most on here cannot believe how good it tastes by itself. my boyfriend drinks it as a shake on most days and hes not a vegetarian...try it. you will like it.

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    I LOVE One World Whey vanilla. It is absolutely delicious. No sugar, and there is nothing else added except pure vanilla and stevia. It is super healthy as it is made from grass-fed, raw cow's milk whey. It is not an 'isolate' but rather a 'concentrate' meaning it is most easily assimilated as a pure protein. 30 grams per scoop at 115 cals. each. I do 2.5 scoops as a serving as I usually go a bit higher on my serving of animal protein that day.

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    I'm using Gold Standard 100% Whey - double rich chocolate. Its absolutely delish! 1 sugar, 3 carbs, 24 g protein.


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