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Thread: soy and soy sauce? or braggs?

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    soy and soy sauce? or braggs?

    hey veggies
    I'm on day 3 of VLCD. so far so good. day 2 was tough, in the morning especially, but today is better.
    Im getting mixed messages on soy.. i bought my homeopathic hcg from diyhcg. they say tofu as a protien is ok, also some veggie burgers (morning star, etc) which have soy. Alot of people say no soy though. so? whats the word?

    last night i ate a morningstar brand veggie patty (going w/ lowest fat and carb ones i can) and woke up down 2 lbs today.

    also--a little soy sauce for flavor? yay or nay? how about braggs amino acids??

    super hungry during the day, too. it comes in waves then kind of goes away. is anything snack-able besides the fruit and grissini? celery maybe (or must be coupled w/ a protien)?


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    Wohoo, i'm on day 3 as well!!

    I read that using soy products that are overly processed are bad, and often contain added sodium and coconut oil etc - all no nos.

    TVP is processed but i guess it's not a 'convenient' or 'prepared' meal...

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    When I asked my ND about soy sauce he said he'd rather I use Bragg's .. I think the sodium maybe? I can't remember his logic. I have used it, and so has my mom, with success during P2.

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    great to know! that stuff helps SO much w/ flavor on veggies!

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    I am R1P2D12 with 14 lb loss with the drops from diyhcg sister site poundsandinchesaway. I have consistently used the meat analogs they recommend (which do contain soy) without problems. I will be purchasing the Bragg's tomorrow.

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    I've been using "coconut aminos" as my "soy sauce" flavor... It's sooooo yummy!! It's soy and gluten free!! it's a great and healthy alternative for those sensitive to soy and gluten products. It's available where you pick up the Bragg's aminos...

    Here's a link: http://www.coconutsecret.com/aminos2.html

    R2P2SQ, Vegetarian protocol, Fertigyn, 125 iu


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