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Thread: TVP Anyone?

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    TVP Anyone?

    Has anyone tried using TVP in this diet?
    My mother in law makes a spinach soup with chicken stock and i was thinking of adding 1/4 cup of TVP to it to make my entire meal (plus apple), though i'm not sure if anyone's been successful with soy proteins?

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    what is TVP?
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    TVP is a soy based textured vegetable protein. Since it is soy based I wouldn't use it in P2 (or ever) because of the impact it has on your thyroid.

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    Wow, after a quick google search i only just found out that excessive soy leads to hypothyroidism.

    My mother in law suffers from Hypothyroidism after her third child and for 30 years no diet worked on her until she started the HCG diet a year ago

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    I'm on R2P2 and I used TVP during R1P2. I had 1/4 cup dry, reconstituted with various seasonings like taco or italian, etc. I had it a couple of times a week and lost 45 pounds on R1P2.

    When they say excessive soy .. they mean excessive ... and like anything else in life, taking it to excess is not going to be the best idea.

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    If it already has chicken stock, why not just add chicken?

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    There are 'chicken flavored' stocks that are 100% vegan


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