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Thread: Vegan Success!

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    Vegan Success!

    So I did this a little rogue but it worked! I lost over 20lbs in 6 weeks without meat or powders. I plan on doing this again starting today because I had such success in the past. So heres what I had (Phase 2 btw):

    1 green apple
    1/2 cp quinoa (rogue)
    Large handful spinach or cucumber with apple cider vinegar
    As much tea and water as I want!

    I ate this 2x a day and had wonderful success. I will say, it is not for everyone, but neither is hcg. However, this worked for me in the past and I'm sure it will work again.

    Btw, if I wanted to keep track of my daily weigh-in and weekly measurements, can I do that here? Or would this not be the appropriate place for that? Thanks for reading!

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    Congrats on your success, and thank you for reporting. I'm sure your post will be helpful to other vegans contemplating whether it is worth it to give HCG a try.

    You can use your thread as a log if you like. That is fine. This message board also has a blog feature, and you might find that even better as you can organize categories and whatnot in blogs, and have some contros such as reader access.
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    thanks..what did you use as HCG for the raw vegan? what I want to know many are successful being raw after the HCG for a year. thank you. How do you do it?


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