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Thread: Vegetarian day 12 Progress!

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    Vegetarian day 12 Progress!

    day 1-12.jpg

    Down about 15 pounds and 2" (a full pants size).

    What I'm eating:

    For protein:
    • Daisy lowfat cottage cheese with dill and/or garlic powder and cholula hot sauce
    • Organic, vegetarian fed, unpasteurized farm fresh chicken eggs
    • I rotate between chocolate pea protein powder, plain pea protein powder and a raw organic whey protein powder

    For fruit:
    • Frozen strawberries
    • Fuji apples

    For vegetables:
    • Organic cucumber
    • Organic spinach
    • Organic heirloom tomatoes

    For starch:
    Garlic melba rounds

    Other zero Calorie and/or fiber additions:
    Zevia soda or Blue Sky stevia soda
    Passion iced tea from Starbucks
    Miracle noodles
    Quest bars (only the ones with stevia, no sucralose for me)

    I used to go all out with recipes and I just have no interest in that anymore.

    So I blend my protein, strawberries, spinach and water for breakfast.

    For lunch I occasionally have a Quest bar, if I feel hungry. If not, I just wait for dinner.

    For dinner I have a cup of cottage cheese smothered in hot sauce or dill and add strawberries, or I eat the berries frozen

    I kind of lost interest in the vegetables (I am on my 11th round) so I usually skip my dinner vegetable.

    I make miracle noodle spaghetti with just organic tomato paste. The tomato is my vegetable in this case.

    I know, the most boring round - but after 11 rounds I just use food as sustenance. I can't wait to have a full salad! I have 29 more days to go!

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    Congrats on the awesome progress! You are looking great. Doing 11 rounds must take lots of dedication! This is my first round. I got a vegan HCG book to help me with food ideas. Hope you will reach all your goals soon

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    Thanks!!! Yes lots of dedication and mistakes along the way and experimentation and success!!

    You'll do great on your round, with a vegan cookbook - you won't get bored at all! :-D

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    Hi, Could you please give us links for the quest bars and the pea protien you are using.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Which vegan hcg cook book do you refer to?
    Health issue: toxic mold, systemic autoimmune diseases, Histamine intolerance, MCS, Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroid, chronic fatigue

    Starting: 129.3
    Goal : 108

    1R | hHCG Drop| HCG 2.0|
    Loading 3 days

    VLCD1-7 128.8 -2.4 on 10/14/15
    VLCD 8-15 127.6 +0.6 (fat fast on VLCD15)
    VLCD 16 127.6 -0.6 (result of fat fast loss)
    VLCD 17 126.2 -1.4
    VLCD 29 125

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    Awesome! Note that pasture raised hens are best. Chickens aren't vegetarians
    Is there a way to skip the powder? Can we do eggs every day?

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    Quest bars are so processed, they taste so synthetic. I don't eat any processed foods, so boca burgers are out. Also can't tolerate tofu, eggs or dairy. What vegan cookbook did you read? I'm just using whey powder and beans - adzuki, kidney, lentils, white bean and black bean. Pea powder has 2gm fat per servings, whey has 0


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