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Thread: Vegetarian Phase 3

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    Vegetarian Phase 3

    So today is my Day 3 of P3 - My LDW was 157.1lb/71.3kg - I'm very pleased with my weightloss - of course not nearly as much as my meat-eating friends, but a great success for me!! Now for the hard part - stabilising!! So Day 1 starts and I'm v prepared - I have my protein shake for breakfast with my usual coffee - apple for morning tea (nothing unusual yet) for lunch I can mix a salad Yay!!! and add tuna and feta with an olive oil and vinegar dressing - double yay!! Oh my goodness am I full after that..... hmmm... dinner? I had a few almonds for afternoon tea - to try and get my calories up and of course some protein!! I got home and grilled eggplant and peppers - my favourite! Protein??!! Oh a slab of tasty cheese with almond butter - hmm tummy a bit upset now - v v full. Maintained LDW.

    Day 2 - same deal except I add some avocado to my salad and more grilled veggies. another salad for early dinner and the same cheese and almond butter to try to add to my protein - I woke half way through the night with a terrible stomach ache - I haven't had something like that for years - kind of feeling when you were a kid and you ate too much at a party. Maintained LDW -.2lb.

    My problem is that I'm worried about my protein intake and that I'm not getting enough, I find it really hard to keep eating because I'm just not hungry! I guess each day is an experiment as such and we just have to be vigilant in keeping a food diary of what we eat and how it affects us both physically and in terms of our weight.

    Would love to hear from others who are in P3 too with any thoughts and ideas. Good luck everyone. ;D

    Round 1 Phase 3

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    I'm still in P2, but I would just suggest putting protein powder in your meals.
    You could add it to soup if you wanted to.
    That way you get tons of protein, but you don't have to eat as much.


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