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Thread: Yes soy or no soy products?

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    I say no soy, except for small amounts of traditionally fermented non-GMO soy, like tamari. I have thyroid problems, too, and soy is bad.

    I used to buy into the whole "soy is health food" myth. Then I got really sick and started doing some research. I still miss soy milk...I love the stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenine View Post
    Fermented soy is ok in small amounts. I believe the fermentation does something to the soy so it doesn't effect the thyroid, but all other forms of soy is a NO NO. Very bad for the thyroid
    Did not know there was an ok soy for thyroid problemed people. I am going to have to research this some more. Very interesting. I must say though I love coconut yogurt and I really love using almond, rice, and coconut milk depending on what I am using it for. My teenage daughters swear by Almond milk for all things including the ice cream.

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    First of all i would like to say that you have got good combination of food and what are the other ways to use soy sauce or soy products because it is powerful and i want some variety in it. Suggestion please.

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