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Thread: Help If You Are Hungry on HCG Diet ~ Please Read

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    Help If You Are Hungry on HCG Diet ~ Please Read

    Please read this if you are hungry on the hcg diet! That may not be the issue and a simple solution may be at hand.

    Hunger can vary from person to person; most people will experience at least slight hunger before mealtimes and this is perfectly natural. It should be minimal enough that you can follow the hcg diet protocol without much effort. if your hunger is significant, we need to consider the following:

    Look at your hcg brand. Where did you buy hcg you are using? You MUST buy quality hcg from a reputable source. There is a current list of US based suppliers under the "Buy HCG" tab above. Avoid overseas hcg, as these are low quality and there is an increased risk of side effects including hunger, stalling and hair loss. Stick to reputable companies such as Nu Image or Diet Doc for Rx hcg. For Homeopathic, stick to Intermountain drops.

    Dosage. A dose that is too low or too high, can cause hunger. Particularly starting out with a high dose, this can cause extreme hunger. Most are comfortable at a 150-175 starting point. It is not uncommon to need to adjust your dose at least once during a round. This is because your body is losing fat (energy) and has different requirements to continue your weight loss.

    Read Grammy's advice on Adjusting your dosage: http://hcgdietinfo.com/adjusting-hcg-dosage/

    Before adjusting your dosage... check the following:

    - Dehydration. Be absolutely certain you are drinking enough water. Not only can dehydration slow your weight loss (in many ways) but it can also trigger hunger signals. You MUST drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you would drink 100 oz of water daily. Get in the habit of keeping a water bottle in your hand.

    - If you feel hungry sporadically, or out of the blue: Take a look at your menu. Double-check that you have not eaten something off-menu. If you have accidentally consumed sugars or processed carbs for example, this can stimulate the body to send hunger signals. Be very aware of "trigger foods" that leave you feeling hungry afterward.

    - Are you eating enough? Often, a dieter will complain of being hungry, and believe it is their dosage. However, once they calculate their actual calories for the day, they may realize they only ate 350 calories.

    - Missing nutrients/vitamins/minerals. It is important to give your body the basic nutrients it requires to function well. Some people may be particularly sensitive when missing vitamins or nutrients. Vitamin D for example, or Iron. Be sure your vegetables provide these, and consider taking a supplement to see if this solves the problem.

    - Consistent hunger: Your HCG may have lost potency (or depending on your hcg source, may not have been potent in the first place. BUY U.S. MADE HCG FOR GOODNESS SAKE! These are all U.S. hcg suppliers: https://hcgdietinfo.com/buy-hcg-injections-online/ ) Consider replacing your HCG. Particularly if your hunger is rather consistent, this is a sign that your hcg has lost its potency (or was never potent in the first place.) Always buy from a trusted, licensed compounding pharmacy that ensures the quality of their product - this is not a time to "skimp" on cheap HCG. Go for quality. You are going through great efforts here and you want a product that does not amplify challenges. Plus, if you think about it, a few hundred dollars is nothing when you consider you are paying for a MASSIVE LIFESTYLE GIFT. Another reason for going with the good stuff: You are putting this into your body and your body is worthy of the best!

    - Trigger foods and sensitivity: some foods may actually trigger hunger in your body. For example: some people find themselves hungry if they have an orange in the mornings, rather than simply a protein. Others may find themselves hungry if they eat certain kinds of apples (green are lower in sugar.) If you feel abnormal hunger, ask yourself what you have eaten prior and look for trends.

    - Adjust the "when" part of your protocol. Are you taking your HCG at the same time every day? This can effect the hormone levels in your body and make you feel hungry when your HCG level is low.

    - Lastly, check your HCG dosage and speak with your supplier about possibly lowering your HCG dosage. The typical sign for this is very CONSISTENT hunger that continues after all other avenues have been exhausted. Always follow your provider or coach's advise when adjusting your dosage!

    Age: 44 Height: 5'5
    R1 SW 174 (1/29/11)
    R1 LW 176.4 (1/31/11)
    R1 LIW 155.6 (3/09/11)

    R2 SW 152.8 (4/23/11)
    R2 LW 157.8 (4/25/11)
    R2 LIW 141.0 (06/27/11)

    R3 SW 148.4 (11/09/12)
    R3 LW 146.4 (11/11/12)
    R3 LIW 135.6 (12/16/12)

    R4 SW 146.2 (06/06/13)
    R4 LW 149 (06/09/13)
    VLCP Day 20 - 138.2

    TOTAL LOSS R4: 10.8

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    I'm having the exact opposite problem... I'm not hungry! It's hard for me to eat.. I'm doing everything right according to your checklist though. I have hcg from New Edge (now IKON Medical) so I know it's good and will last. I hear great things about NuImage but New Edge was less moneyyyyy at the time. I am also drinking a ton of water! Thank you for this great post. So glad I found this site too!

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    I have had that problem too! It is like to almost have to force yourself to eat! I'm using hcg injections.

    It is not recommended to skip meals, but there is a recommend order to ‘drop’ items of your HCG diet “meals” for sensitivity testing:

    First, drop your “carbs”. This means your melba toast and grissini breadstick. Those are not always necessary at all and are purely a psychological treat.

    Second, drop your fruits, one at a time and see how you feel with each.

    You should at least try to eat you veggies and protein, you can "drop" you veggies if you need to.

    It is NEVER recommended to skip your protein servings! You need that protein and if you do not eat it, you may slow, stall, or gain.

    I am speaking from past experience and a lot of research on these boards. I hope this helps!

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    Are you taking hcg drops, injections, tablets/pellets? If so which one? I'm leaning toward pellets but I hear good things about Nu Image and their drops too. I also hear New Edge is really high quality.

    Update: Nu Image Medical offers HCG pellets now.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am a newbie, I started 2 day load on 4-28-11 and yes I am a little hungry. I am taking the Nu Image prescription hcg drops 15 drops 3x per day, please help if you can. I'm also having a piece of bread in the morning. Is this making me hungry?

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    I am taking the homeopathic drops and I am hungry, nauseous, light headed and tired. I take about 10 drops in the am 10 mid day, 10 430 and probably more before dinner. Homeopathic Drops is the one I am taking now.

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    I am having the problem, light headed, tired, hungry (really hungry--stomach growling hungry). I use the cream but I hear now that this may not be legitimate hcg? Should I switch to Nu Image hcg drops? What about homeopathic hcg drops from Triumph?

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    I am hungry also, right before meals mostly, I use the injections, SQ 175 U. by New Edge. I've only been injecting for 7 days hoping the hunger will go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doubledee View Post
    I am hungry also, right before meals mostly, I use the injections, SQ 175 U. by New Edge. I've only been injecting for 7 days hoping the hunger will go away.
    I cannot comment on the drops as I am using injections but @doubledee, I had the same problem. I asked Grammy and she said skip a day and then lower your dose. So you should skip today and then tomorrow try 150. Made a world of difference for me! I'm losing amazingly well now and not hungry at all!

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    This is my 5th VLCD and I too have been getting hungry and feeling "out of sorts" at some times of the day. After reading some posts, I realize I am getting hungry right after using the Rx prescription hcg drops from Nu Image. I feel good in the a.m. and not hungry (I'm usually a breakfast person) I am fine and not always hungry but feeling good when it is time to eat and I do eat as program specifies. I take 12 drops 30 min before I eat.

    I really paid attention last night and right after I took the drops, I was almost instantly hungry and started to feel out of sorts. Is my dose too much? I normally take the drops 1st thing in the a.m. then have my coffee and sometimes just a piece of melba so I can take my vitamin. Then the other 2 doses 30 min before lunch and dinner.

    Thanks for any input.


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    Homeopathic Drops... I have done 2 rounds and have tried drops and injections. What kind are you using?

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    johnnysangel, try cutting the drops to 10 and see how you do. Sounds like it's too high.

    doubledee, skip tomorrow then take your dose down to 150. You should feel way better.
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