I have the following

Size 20 Riders black Jeans "Instantly Slims you" style. These are in good condition, no rips or tears. a little faded and on the back waist has some white stains, possibly bleach? Other than that they are nice jeans. they fit more like an 18.

Coldwater Creek XL Long floral skirt. It's yellow and made from chiffon. the bottom half has a nice floral design. The floral colors are orange, red, pink, light and dark green. Really pretty but I look terrible in this skirt

Hot Pink Satin Evening gown from Torrid. This goes to your knees. Sleeveless. Size 18

Blue cotton dress. Has a leaf design in aqua colors. Sleeveless. Size 2 from Torrid

38D Playtex bra. Fits more like a C. This bra is in great condition. I actually never wore it although I tried it on several times and it has been washed 3 times.

Size 9 Wedge wrap sandals from Torrid. These are wide, and have ties that wrap around your legs. I ordered a size 10 and they send me a 9

No cost, you pay shipping though

Desperately NEEDED!

I am in need of business attire. Black, grey, dark blue, ect. Skirts, slacks, tops in sizes 16-18.

Also need a briefcase type purse. Not an actual case but a purse that has that style. something in black that's business like. Not brand specific