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Thread: Buddy thread, for those starting P2 the week of October 12

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    R2/P2/HCG slimline drops
    Thank you; good luck to you too!

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    This is my week. I started loading Oct 15, so today is VLCD 3 for me. I love the big losses in the beginning, but I do not love the hunger and the headaches. I've been here before, though, and I know that by next week, I'll feel tons better and will be seeing some results, too.

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    So today I lost .8 and I cut out one fruit yesterday so I guess that helped. I have been taking acidophilus every day (and have been for years) but today I am taking a super high potency one "Nature's Way" brand and it's Intensive strength with 100 billion flora and a 10 day cleanse. I have also decided to up the water intake today (aiming for at least a gallon). I plan to be super strict with the diet as well. I will report back if this helps!! Also my physician who precribed the injections said that 1 TBSP of milk is allowed per day but I didnt see this anywhere on protocol.
    Did anyone else here about this ? I have been using a little creamer in my iced coffee with Stevia..
    Start date 1/25/12

    Day 1 Loading 155
    Day 2 Loading 156 (+1)
    Day 3 VLCD 156.6 (+.6)
    Day 4 VLCD 154.4 (-2.2)
    Day 4 VCLD 153 (-1.4)
    Day 6 VCLD 152.6 (-.4)
    Day 7 VLCD 151.6 (-1)
    Day 8 VCLD 151.6 (0)
    Day 9 VCLD 151 (-.6)
    Day 10 VCLD 151.4 (+.4)
    Day 11 VCLD 150.4 (-1)

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    Hey folks! Room for one more?

    I've just started loading for my second round on hcg. My first round I dropped 28 pounds and I stabilized about 5 pounds above my LDW. I'm doing a 5 week round again and hoping to drop 25-30 pounds. I hope we can document our progress and keep each other motivated. All the best to everyone.
    Current Stats - R2 Pre/Post/LDW: 191.5/ 194.5/175.0

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    That's so awesome, Losing50. First week down for me (well, almost). Tomorrow will be one week and I've lost 10.6 lbs. Pretty happy with that!

    Janeen - Those first few days? ugh. At least you already know it gets better. I can't even believe how much better I'm feeling. Aside from the weight loss... it feels good to be in control, you know?

    Irishgal - Yes - milk though, not cream (I know... just not as good!)

    Excerpt from pounds and inches:
    By Dr. Simeon

    Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar.
    Only one tablespoonful of milk allowed in 24
    hours. Saccharin or Stevia may be used.

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    Yea, we've got a great little group going now! Welcome to everyone who came in overnight!

    I'm down another .9 today (woot!), and can't WAIT to get back into the '150s', which should be over the weekend. I wont' have my usual scale to use (we are on a roadtrip Thurs-Sun) so Monday am should hopefully be a great surprise after not weighing in since Thursday am. My MIL goes to WW though, so if she goes Sat. am, I may go with her just to use their scale!

    I'm drinking coffee for the first time on the program today, it's ROUGH! It's organic 1/2caff., but I'm SO used to about 1/4c of half and half, and 2-3T of cane sugar in it. Drinking the 2c with only the 1T of milk and 10 Drops of vanilla Stevia is tough.

    I also realized last night that my moisturizer is taboo; I figured since it was organic (Yes to Cucumbers) it was fine, but noooooope. Also my regular deodorant. I have some Tom's of that (though it doesn't work as well), but NOT ONE of my 'lotion' type products is safe to use on this. I had to go to sleep feeling DRY, which wasn't fun. I think I'm going to have to hit up the store today to get something, at least for my face and cuticles. Good thing isn't not as hot here (I'm in Texas and the temps are now 70-ish during the day, instead of mid-high 90's like last month), so hopefully I can get by on the deodorant. I'm pretty sure my shower stuff for hair isn't legit either, NONE of my 'leave-in' products are, (dang it!) but I can not go without everything for a month! I'm just trying to go as long as possible between washes, and working that ponytail for a few days, lol. I'm using the Jason's products for hair and body though.

    Last night hubby almost convinced himself to jump on this with me. The wii fit board we borrowed shows him at 'overweight' with a high BMI, and he's not happy with that. He wants to start going to the gym again, but it's SO not cost-effective, since he only goes once a week or so, and, at 30 bucks/month, we just can't afford that luxury. Maybe he'll do workout videos or run outside (like I do).

    HUGE victory this morning (day 6 of VLCD) is that my arms look good again. I have had 'fat arm' syndrome for the past several years, and they are looking healthy again, which I am ecstatic about !!!! I'm going to add push-ups daily to my routine today, and start doing muscle toning with the resistance band (I can't find my 8lb hand weights). I can not WAIT for hot toned arms again! If only my hips would start shrinking so I can start dropping pants sizes, I REALLY want to get into my size 10's and big 8's again (I'm in 12's now).

    Here's a pic of me 2 years ago when I dropped 20+ pounds in 6 weeks:

    I was within 6-10 pounds of that 'before' again when I started eating better last month, and am close the the 'after' picture already, but the weight these past 12 months has really gone on differently in my hips, I can't get those jeans on yet. Bummer. They were a hand-me-up, and are $175 pants! Usually I pay $15 at Ross, lol. I would LOVE to get into those in another week or 2, cause they are cute on my butt. lol!

    Also, in the 14 VLCD meals I've had so far, the 'chili' is by far the best (lean ground beef, fresh tomatoes and tomato paste). It was so easy to make 4 servings and eat one each day.

    @Echo: So glad we are all chatting together! It makes it way easier. My BIL and MIL have been on WW for 2+ years and love it.
    I had no idea about Trudeau's P1 phase until after I started, all my knowledge was from P&I, and I didn't even decide to do HCG until 2 days before I began. The lean eating and exercise (begun with a 10 day Advocare cleanse) was just a bonus, but I'm sure it had similar effect as his plan. Honestly, I still haven't read his book, but I think he's so much of an unreliable person in general that I wouldn't take his methods as 'scripture' anyhow. He has no medical or nutritional training!
    Sooooo, did you have the beer or did self-control win out?

    : I would DEFINITELY count your calories daily, mine can vary 150+ or - even eating standard protocol. You don't want to top 500 by much, but you do want to keep it over 400 as much as possible, so your body doesn't go into starvation mode. I use the 'My net diary' iphone app, but you can use lots of free websites as well, it's really easy.

    @nicolleee: Ooooh Soccer! I would love to do that again, maybe I could organize an indoor team for friends for the Spring! Woot! Go you!!! 120 pounds!

    @Losing50: Welcome! Congrats to you on Round 2! Was the 28lbs lost in a 40-day round?

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    Sierah - thanks for the invite - I was excited to read throught the posts! Super dumb question - how do you get the weight loss ticker on your signature?? I should be able to figure it out but am stumped for now.

    So bad news - didn't do a proper load, just a semi-load and then started on VLCD this past MOnday. Had a migraine (usually follows that time of the month and unfortuantely, it turned into the worst ever for the past two days but am feeling so much better today. Now the good news - have lost 3 lbs since Monday - yay!! I have been extremely diligent with my food, vitamins, B Drops and pellets - my only issue is with my 1/2 1/2 creamer. I did use some this am -its nonfat and I know its a no-no but I just really needed it so I will have to go with it for now. (this is my confession so thanks for listening!!). I currently weigh 168 and want to get to 140 so 28 to go.

    Sierah - great pics!!!! your mid-section looks great!!! I have a total spare tire so am inspired by pics like that.

    OK, gotta run - TTYL and thanks again for turning me on to this buddy thread.

    One thing I did buy which I tried yesterday was the braggs Amino Acid which is type of soy sauce. It was GREAT!!!! I just had some leftover chicken on top of melba toast with cut up tomatoes and I sprinkled the braggs - it was REALLY good!! I had it on my chicken and asparagus last night too - I think it will be my "go to" helper ( as opposed to the candy corn I usually have!!)

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    Hey all. I started loading on the 11th, with Thurs Oct 13 as my first vlcd day. I didn't weight before loading, but after loading I was 175.2. Woke up today at the same weight as yesterday, 167.8, but did lose an inch off my waist & a half inch off each first change in size YAY!

    I'm on Drops. My first goal is 145. I'd like to get there this round, even if it takes 40 days. I promised my hubby that we'd both decide if I do another round after I hit that weight. He doesn't like really thin girls. And honestly, I grew up on a farm, so IDK if I could be one of those really thin girls anyway without losing muscle.

    I'm doing well sticking to the diet, which is totally new for me... never had a diet I didn't hate before. I feel really energetic most of the time. The only gripe I have is I just CAN'T fall asleep at night. I'm never asleep before midnight, and with a 5am wake up, that makes my days rough. :/

    I'm really glad I found this site. Everyone here is great. I have a lot of issues with weight loss, so this support is awesome.

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    Also, Sierah, thanks for the invite. And OMIGOD on your pics! That seriously is about identical to me, so you just gave me such a boost! I have a post-baby body on top of being chubby all my life, and I just wanna be thin & normal... so nice to actually SEE the possible results!

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    i want to join!!! i loaded on 10/9 and 10 and started VLCD on 10/11. i had book blub on 10/14 and dinner out with the girls on 10/15. i am almost 42, 5'4" and small framed. I need to get to 125-130 and started at 159.5 my highest weight ever. today i am 151.8 (i had a slight gain after 10/15). feeling good, feel like i can easily do this, i do feel hungry sometime but no shakes, no headaches and no stomach growling, just a slight feeling of hunger.

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