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Thread: For anyone doing releana hcg come join us!

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    I know there are others out there doing Releana and also that sometimes it's hard to find the forums if you know know where to look I finally realized I could see the ones I was following and had new posts in the Setting area and since I'm gd at changing my weight everyday good or bad that seems to work for me.
    hope that she finds us again also.

    I did have some wine over the weekend I don't recommend it, it does have an effect on the release of lbs I went back in my weight journel from 09 and had a tough time getting out of the 160's and i'm having that again hoping this week was going to be the big jump for me, so far not but it's not over yet....I haven't been taking my ACV and tea so today I'm starting back on that...

    Haven't heard back from my Brother as yet this week so not sure what he and his wife is day 59 for me woo time flys...


    restart 6/30/12
    2 load days
    restart 7/2
    w/load 188.2
    P3 17 days 172
    p2 172 load
    p2 171.4 load
    p2 D1 171.6
    p2 D2 170.6
    p2 D3 169.4
    p2 D4
    p2 D5
    after 79 days Releana
    last drop weight 165.8
    started p3 on Wed 9/21 17 days
    restart p2 VLCD Wed 10/10/12

    Total released 22.4 lbs
    Total inches 26.25

    goal 140 lbs
    swimming down stream!

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    Hi Guys! Glad to see this thread!
    I'm doing much better after NO LOSS last week! I couldn't believe it! I was so upset. But this week I've lost like 3 or 3.5 lbs, so I'm pretty happy It's my 3rd week, so I'm hoping the weight loss will keep up. I'm kinda scared of a stall. That was awful!
    Looking forward to Phase 3, but then I'm not sure what my plan is. I still have more to lose, but the Releana is SO EXPENSIVE!

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    Also did not do the last four days, so it is great to see that I can still lose a pound after the first week of the VLCD.
    My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill, he gave me six months more.

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    Anyone out there starting on Releana HCG? I am loading this weekend.

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