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Thread: Follow YOUR plan, and KEEP IT REAL!!! (ANY round, ANY phase, ANY start date)

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    And I'm here, too. Am just out of town at the moment. Celebrated a friend's 60th birthday and happy to report that I seem to be stabilizing okay, although I don't have my own scales to weigh on.

    In Phase 3 of Round 2 now.


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    Hello all. November is turning out to be busier than usual so I'm not around much but I do pop in to see how you all are doing.
    I'm having my usual P3. Down one day, up the next, up and down. I almost always know what causes the gains and know how to fix it. I just need to DO it. Mainly I need to watch my portions and stay away from adult beverages. If I could skip weekends, things would work out alot better. I do great during the week. Not so good on the weekends. : )
    Worked out 4 times last week so that felt good. Took the weekend off and back to the gym tonite.

    Hope you all are doing great.
    Congrats on losses and stabilizing, boo hiss on gains and stalls, hugs if you need one!
    Jeepy aka Deni
    62 yrs old 5'4" HHCG
    2019 Round
    March 18 159.6 March 28 152.8

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    Hello, today is a good day. February is fit in diet and exercise. By the way, moderate sex is beneficial for health even helps burn calories. In phase 1 of round 2 now.

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